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"The Legend Too Monstrous To Die...Surfaces Again" "Do they really exist..?" A know-it-all professor on the lookout for bigfeet out in Arkansaw tells stories of said creatures to his grad assistants, then finds way, way, WAY too much. One of the most uniquely horrible movies MST ever did. Not only is it pretty badly made, but the characters are unlikeable, there's an entire section devoted to outhouse shenanigans (thankfully shortened in the riffed version) and then, at the end--Old Man Crenshaw! In host segments, Pearl tries to spread the legend of a creature lurking around Castle Forrester--it's Bobo, of course, but that doesn't stop Hank Brain Guy Jr. from writing a country song about it. Episode 1006 is available for viewing on YouTube. Premiered May 9, 1999. Seven episodes left.


Satellite News - Mighty Jack's Episode Review (one of his favorites) - War of the Colossal Fan Guide (really hates this one) - Annotated MST3K - TVTropes

Bill Corbett writes rather a lot for his reflections for this movie's ACEG entry, this is just an excerpt:
God, this one was painful! It's the kind of movie that seems to hate you; to wish you active harm; to kick sand in your eyes and make you cry. And for me, this was personified by Mr. Charles B. Pierce, who is apparently responsible for every single aspect, every nano-second of this cruel and unusual bit of celluloid. He chose to write and play a grim, hostile, condescending, know-it-all of a man, a character who is proven superior to everyone else in the story again and again, who drills his lousy stinking voice-over narrative into our heads every freaking minute of this film, and who then has the temerity to wrap his movie up suggesting his sour Nazi of a character is really an ecological servant of God.
To Mr. Pierce: Bite every single inch of me! And do it now, and then do it again!
By comparison to the pain caused by Doc/Pierce, Crenshaw the mountain man was an urbane delight. And the poop flashback was an utterly charming Noel Coward romp.
A note about this outhouse classic, though: we had to cut a lot of it. Really. Imagine what was not there in that scene. It was there. I'm talking sound effects, grunting, and everything. the first time we saw it we had to race each other out of the room to vomit.
Daddy-O's Drive-In Dirt (worth reading for information on the legend upon which the movies are based)
Rotten Tomatoes (Critics N/A, Viewers 15%) - Wikipedia - TVTropes
IMDB (1984, 2.3 stars)
"A professor and three of his students camp out in the wilderness to find a Bigfoot-type creature."
Directed, written and starring Charles B. Pierce. Also starring Cindy Butler and Chuck Pierce, Jr.

Filmmaker Magazine, "The Art of the Possible: Charles B. Pierce's Arkansas Cinema" - Grindhouse Database

A friend has seen this one in its original form and confirms, the outhouse scene goes on and on, getting more and more disgusting, in the unriffed version. Here is the full version of the movie on YouTube, cued up to that section. eNjOy

Daddy-O says that the "creature" the movie is based on is actually called the Fouke Monster, based on sightings near the town of Fouke, Arkansas. The sightings stopped after arrests were made against three men for staging monster attacks. Meanwhile a recent cover for the movie proclaims "Over a thousand have seen the legendary creature...twenty have had contact...some are still missing!" And thus the stupid legend continues....

The man who played Old Man Crenshaw was Jimmy Clem, who actually had an acting career, although Boggy Creek II marked the end of it. He died in 2017. Here's his IMDB page.
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Interesting that two of the review sites had such disparate takes. For me, this is just another of the "pretty good" Season Ten eps.
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MiSTies should actively seek out The Norseman, a Charles B. Pierce joint for American International Pictures starring Lee Majors as (wait for it) a Viking, and (wait for it) Jack Elam as basically (wait for iiit) Marty Feldman's character from Young Frankenstein.
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Don't look now, I'm just a friendly reminder!

This week's MST Club is, again, tonight (Thursdays) starting at 7 PM Eastern (4 PM Pacific), with the main episode showing at 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific), at This week's episodes are:

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I've made a poll of all the (post KTMA) MST3K episodes!

Feel free to go to the link and check as many episodes as you like, any of your particular favorites. As many as you want, seriously. This will give me some idea of which episodes to focus on when we complete the tour and switch to a more arbitrary schedule.
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I saw this episode, about a creature who lives “in the swamps of Southwest Arkansas”, WHILE I LIVED IN SOUTHWEST ARKANSAS. I had no idea there was a local-ish monster legend. Fouke is between Shreveport and Texarkana.

I also remember thinking the opposing team in the football game may have been my alma mater. It looks like they did play Arkansas in 1983 and 1984.
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I need to resolve to get >2 hours of sleep on Wednesday nights so I can actually stay conscious for a full movie, let alone two (well, most of two. I lost the last 20 minutes/half hour on both of them). One day you're all going to think that the monster got me.

I've officially determined that my MST3K kryptonite is movies that are really, really visually dark. It's just so hard to see and focus on the, uh, "action." Didn't help that the audio was often unintelligible, though that was better than the dialogue.
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Also, I will AVENGE the cat from Boggy Creek I, the most likable character in the movie despite its only 30 seconds of screen time.
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FYI - Netflix has added season 2 of classic MST3K to it's lineup. Available episodes include Jack Frost and Horrors of Spider Island!!
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But... neither of those episodes are in season 2?
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"Second season on Netflix" is the implication, I think. They dropped some episodes, added some others.
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Yeah - it's the second group of classic MST3K episodes available on Netflix. My main point was that it includes some episodes not on YouTube, I think.
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Oh I love this one.
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