RuPaul's Drag Race: 10s Across The Board
March 23, 2018 7:38 AM - Season 10, Episode 1 - Subscribe

14 new queens compete to become America’s Next Drag Superstar and win $100,000.

After an uneven All Stars season that ended only a week ago, S10 clears away the cobwebs with an episode packed with fresh talent, fan fave queens from previous seasons, a fabulous special guest, Ru sporting a dazzling runway lqqk, and the return of Untucked!

Watch it streaming on VH1.
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Agreed- I felt like the RPDR I loved had been held hostage and was just returned to a grateful nation. I was worried after plunking down cash money to watch the season on Prime, but I am glad I did.

Does Untucked exist for this season? And if so, how does one watch it, if one does not have VH-1?
posted by I_Love_Bananas at 4:47 PM on March 23, 2018

I've long been a fan of Miz Cracker's "Review with a Jew" YouTube videos, and agree that her sharp wit and humor will prove that any beef with Aquaria is all for show. Or at least, one-sided. I can't imagine Cracker gives a rat's ass about Aquaria.
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Untucked exists, and you can watch it on VH-1's website.
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Found it! OMG, Vanessa's departure footage kind of broke my heart. I feel so bad for her. She's like Aja and Alyssa had a baby. I would keep her in a heartbeat over many of the others.
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Avoiding spoilers above while I briefly post my first impressions from the queens' workroom entrances:

EUREKA!! (I don't have a first impression of her because I love her already.)
Asia O'Hara... my first impression when she entered the room? None. She had basically no presence.
Miz Cracker. I will either love or hate you.
Yuhua, I think I like you.
Blair is too precious for this world.
Monet is pretty much right up my alley, ticks my usual boxes.
Kameron is different, which is often refreshing.
Mayhem's "drag family" includes Morgan McMichaels and Detox. Does that mean Mayhem will have a totally overinflated sense of her own talent too?
Kalorie seems like a lot of fun but I hope she tones down the tweaking thing. And wears more interesting outfits.
Monique, like many of the queens, purports to be a multi-threat. We'll see if that's true.
I love The Vixen's whole thing already. I suspect she's not long for this competition but her entrance was fantastic.
If Vanessa sticks around, she seems likely to serve up a lot of this season's gifs. Don't know why all the other queens are coming for her so hard, she seems super fun!
Aquaria? Another 21 year old "superstar" who is "on everyone's lips." Yaaaaaaaaawn.

Group-wide impressions: This is a super geographically diverse group, which is interesting! (It's always funny watching a New York queen enter, though, because all the other New York queens immediately lose their shit, which makes NYC seem like a small town.) The group is not especially diverse in terms of age, however; I don't recall seeing anyone older than mid-30s, and most are between mid-20s and early 30s.
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I was DYING during that makeup/costume removal scene while the queens were staring at Kameron. YOU ARE ALL THIRSTY AS HELL. (But LORD, Yuhua, staaaaahp with the "which one are you?" shit. criiiinge)

The Cracker/Aquaria thing got old about 2 seconds after it was first mentioned. Shutupshutupshutup. At least The Alyssa/Coco drama was entertaining. This is just fucking boring. Stop.

I would also like Mayhem to have something interesting to offer about herself beyond her tired-ass drag family.

RU'S RUNWAY LOOK, HOLY HELL. Instantly iconic. That hair!

Kalorie's runway look fell flat for me. And who the hell is Dusty Ray Bottoms? I didn't even write a reaction for her above, that's how little of an impression she made. I really liked Monet's outfit--super interesting looking, even if she could barely walk in it. And I'll give it to Mayhem--her runway look was pretty great.

My favorite runway look was Monique's, I think. She did a lot with a little, and she looked great! So, like... safe?! C'mon, Ru. I'm with Monique on this one.

"There are no accidents in fisting" is clearly the quote of the episode.

Kalorie clearly won that lipsync, and I'm sorry to lose Vanessa so early. But I have to say: for all Kalorie's talk of twerking, she really sucks at it.

As we were watching this, our toddler raided her dress-up box and paraded around wearing all of her boas at once.
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tl;dr: regular Drag Race is worlds better than All Stars.
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My heart breaks for Miss Vanjie but I love that Kalorie turned it out in the lip sync. I love an underdog making the fans eat it and there's something about Kalorie I just find really charming. (I agree her twerking was a little stiff but I think it's the way she's padded.)
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duffell: Kalorie seems like a lot of fun but I hope she tones down the tweaking thing. And wears more interesting outfits.

You knew she was in trouble when everyone said "she seemed so nice" and "she had a pretty face," you knew she was on the bottom. And her intro look was basic - I love that New Mexico is represented, and she probably represents what I'm assuming is a pretty small, basic scene (sorry, local queens!), considering 6 of the 14 queens are from New York. I hope she pulls something better off next week, but I don't have high hopes for her.
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Ach, just realized my computer corrected "twerking" to "tweaking." Did not mean to imply anyone is a tweaker.
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I didn't think Blair looked that great so was surprised at how they were gagging over her runway look. Plus she looks like the brother from Small Wonder. *Shrug*

Monet reminded me a lot of Bob. I can't think of anyone I don't like! Maybe Rusty. She seemed kind of boring and forgettable. I liked Vanessa a lot and am bummed she went home.

I loved seeing former queens! They were so funny too.
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I thought Vanessa’s runway look would have been vastly improved if she’d just taken the cape from her neck and moved it to her waist as a train. Boom, instantly counteract the bubble torso and add at least 80% more chicness. I’m very sad that she went home, I think she had potential.
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Whatever Kalorie was doing was not twerking. She can say she was twerking as much as she likes, but that doesn't make it true.

Vanessa Vanjie Mateo is gone too soon.

In the Cracker / Aquaria battle I have to say it seems like a tempest in a teapot and in the first facedown, Cracker clearly won.

Mayhem had the well deserved win, but I think Monique Heart should have had a top spot instead of just safe.

Kameron keeps claiming to be "high femme" but I'm not getting that at all. Just putting on a floral doesn't give me feminine vibes.

Overall, this was an excellent return for RPDR. I'm excited for this season.
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apricot: Monet reminded me a lot of Bob.

Once my wife mentioned that, I couldn't un-see Bob. Not that Monet is a Bob copy, but the aesthetic and style is such a match, she felt like a lost daughter.

Julnyes: In the Cracker / Aquaria battle I have to say it seems like a tempest in a teapot and in the first facedown, Cracker clearly won.

And on reflection, my wife pointed out that Cracker's "sad clown" makeup made sense in the character, while Aquaria was ... sad she lost her sheep? Assuming she was going for a Little Bo Peep thing.

One thing I LOVE about Kalorie (besides being a New Mexico queen, natch) is that she's big and PROUD, which felt like a slap in the face and a correction to Shangie's use of a fat suit for laffs in All Stars.

Overall, this was an excellent return for RPDR. I'm excited for this season.

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From the first episode, it seems like this season is going to highlight the drama more, rather than last year's RuPaul's Best Friend Race (which I kind of loved).

I thought there were a lot of bad outfits this week that on other seasons probably would have been read (Eureka's dress and Asia's colour explosion), but I particularly liked Monique's cool plastic wig and thought she should have been in the top for her outfit.

I died laughing at Michelle's "ankh ankh" thing when RuPaul repeated it as Yuhua was leaving.

Also Aquaria's entrance look was the same strip across the chest business that was going on in her promo look. Borrrrrrrring.
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Monique's wide-eyed laugh-screams all throughout Untucked were pure joy. It's totally my new go-to for times when I need a mood boost. She had my favorite runway look, too. I hope she makes it all the way to the end.
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These two hour episodes kill me! I just finished this episode last night. Very sad to see Vanessa go - she is hysterical.
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