RuPaul's Drag Race: PharmaRusical
March 31, 2018 7:35 AM - Season 10, Episode 2 - Subscribe

The queens must wow the judges (including Halsey and Padma Lakshmi) in a lip-synced dance number inspired by pharmaceutical TV ads, and Andy Cohen and Alyssa Edwards drop by.
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Kalorie did indeed seem out of her league. But she was a winning performer with lots of natural charisma. Hopefully she gets a boost and can move somewhere with a more vibrant scene.

Eureka won the lip synch, and it seems like she’s getting the decoy loser edit, but her performance was terrrrrible.

Overall the editing on this episode seemed heavy handed.
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The best experience of my life as a new RPDR watcher so far has to be watching this episode in a Dallas gay bar at a viewing party emcee’d by Kennedy Davenport and Alyssa Edwards.

At the commercial break after the My Best Drag runway, Kennedy turns to the crowd, thunderstruck, and hollers, “WHOSE. BEST DRAG. WAS THAT?!”

She did not approve of...basically any of them except maybe Asia and Cracker, but she seemed especially annoyed with Yuhua. “THAT’S JUST...THAT WAS JUST BLUE, WHAT WAS THAT, THAT’S YOUR BEST DRAG? GIRL.”

“Now, Kennedy,” Alyssa drawls from the sidelines, “you know drag is art and art is subjective...”


Anyway uh yeah Kennedy is a hoot. You expect it from Alyssa, having them both there nearly murdered me.

I missed the mini-challenge part of the episode but I howled at the Rusical, and I too liked Asia and Cracker’s runways, plus Kameron’s, even if she DID make me think of nothing so much as a Lisa Frank Trapper Keeper. That was kind of the appeal for me!

Kalorie, while adorable, needs to spend more time in a bigger drag scene, like at least a little while? Like a drag internship or drag work experience? I felt like both she and Eureka could have done so much more with the lip sync, but she especially felt like all the fight had just gone out of her. And she was heartbreaking in Untucked. Girl! You’re so cute! You just need more fire!

Interesting how Ru seems to have the same feelings for Eureka that she did for Trixie, all, “get out of your head, I expect better from you.” But it’s much earlier in this season than it was when Trixie got that talk so I wonder how much longer Eureka will last. If she does find her renewed sense of fight, she could go a ways.

I still have some trouble telling Cracker and Aquaria apart, at least until Aquaria opens her mouth and then all I can think is how much I don’t like her as the person I am seeing on TV. Presumably she is nicer in person?
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Agreed that Kalorie will be way more polished if she can get a little (a lot) more experience in a lot of different drag scenes/styles. Or a bigger scene. I don't think she's necessarily bad, but definitely a different style of drag than RPDR presents.

Miss Vixen can calm the hell down. I kind of liked her last week, but girl, you do not need to work quite so hard to manufacture drama. That is what the editing suite is for, thank you. Also, no way in hell should she have won the main competition.

I fell in love with Dusty Ray Bottoms watching the meet-the-queens thing with Sasha Velour that went out a few weeks ago, and I am glad to see myself vindicated. Interestingly, Yuhua was astonishingly terrible on that, but she's been okay on the show so far. I don't see her lasting super-long, though.

I like Eureka on my tv screen, but I think in real life she would drive me insane. I really hope she gets out of her head and becomes as fabulous as she can be.
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I enjoy Yuhua a LOT but soooooomebody needs to learn real fast to not talk back to Michelle Visage. And definitely do not make excuses for yourself at her. I made eye contact with some guy in the bar as we were both wide-eyed and mouthing OMG SHUT UP at Yuhua, so I know I’m not alone.
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My favorite takeaway from this episode was John Polly's Extra-Lap recap (which I always watch immediately after the episode) when he mentioned that Cracker "showed us her Cubic Hair." HA!
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Eureka was already getting there, then the domino effect of being chosen last, being negated/shut down at every turn by Asia, and then losing every bit of confidence during Alyssa's work session.... ugh. Yes, she's a drama queen of the first order, but seeing her self-esteem devolve in practically real time was painful to watch.
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Alyssa was the true MVP of this episode. She is just a joy to watch.

Kalorie was 100% out of her league on the show. Being a RuGirl will get her a lot more opportunities outside New Mexico, but I don't see her as being one of the top Queens to have appeared on the show.

Eureka's constant need for reassurance would absolutely drive me to distraction. It reminds me of the fact that she is quite young and clearly has some more maturing to do.

The maxi-challenge was entertaining (a bit overcrowded with so many queens left in the competition)

I am also not convinced that was their "BEST IN DRAG" options with the exception of Blair St. Clair (who needed some padding under that dress I think) and Mayhem Miller (who would have benefited from removing that tulle).

How has no one commented on The Vixen's terrible hairline in that wig?!? Also, this is a bit mean-spirited, but did she not pack any hair products in her bags? Her hair is a disaster.
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Eureka has a lot of feelings and I think she has some "work on herself" to do, but I still like her. I'm hoping she pulls a Raven and rallies. You could tell she was still a little leery and nervous during the final lip sync; there was a part where she almost wandered off the stage. But she delivered a great camp performance, so I'm hoping it energizes her.

People on Reddit were grousing about how it should have been a double sashay, BTW, but I think that's mostly people letting their annoyance with Eureka cloud their vision, plus getting jaded about how every LSFYL needs to contain acrobatics and death drops or Jujubee-level raw emotion. I think those people need to have several seats. It was a good lip sync and I was entertained.

These massive mob lip sync challenges are always a bit hit or miss, and I don't like how constraining the material often is, though this one was a solid B+. The workroom editing was super clumsy, too (Knock knock! Who's there? Poorly timed cutaway! Poorly timed cI USED TO BE 340 LBS), and unfortunately the second we got Kalorie's backstory I knew that meant she was going home. I hope she doesn't take the "out of her league" critique too literally; she made an impression in her short time on the show and with the booking fee boost and touring experience she's about to get I bet we'll see a further glow-up from her.
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I felt like Ru was very.... subdued? this whole episode. Like kind of medicated/subdued. Maybe there was digital medication also.
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I loved seeing Alyssa. I am super envious of you seeing her do the live commentary, angeline - that must have been hilarious.

The workroom editing was super clumsy, too (Knock knock! Who's there? Poorly timed cutaway! Poorly timed cI USED TO BE 340 LBS

I laughed at that part. It basically cut from Dusty talking about her dots to Kalorie seeming to interrupt to draw attention to her weight loss. Okay then.
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I felt like Ru was very.... subdued? this whole episode.

She was probably still hearing Miss Vanjie Miss Vanjie Miss Vanjie echo in her head, like the rest of us.
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Oh my god when my cat follows me into the kitchen to scream for her breakfast, I now respond with MISS VANJIE...MISS VANJIE...MISS VAAAAAANJIE!

and probably I’m going to name some future cat Miss Vanjie, for kicks.
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I mean at this point Vanessa basically won Season 10 right?
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How has no one commented on The Vixen's terrible hairline in that wig?!?

Wow, I can't unsee that now. It really is terrible!
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Very sad to see Kalorie go, even though it was clearly her time. She's a sweetheart.

plus getting jaded about how every LSFYL needs to contain acrobatics and death drops or Jujubee-level raw emotion = I'll be honest, when they started, I said, oh I bet they're sad to only be wearing bodysuits since now they have nothing to strip off for the lipsych
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According to some dubious message board source, the queens have spilled that the 'Best Drag' category wasn't called that when they put their runway outfits together - it was another name. Which explains all those bodysuits (I mean, I quite like a body suit, me).

My favourite Miss Vanjie meme, to date.
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