Lucifer: Orange is the New Maze
March 26, 2018 7:37 PM - Season 3, Episode 19 - Subscribe

It was good to see them mixing the formula up a bit, but Lucifer being schmoopy jealous really devalues the character.
posted by Marticus at 8:06 PM on March 26, 2018

I'm glad that they didn't drag out the thing with Charlotte any longer. She really needed to know the truth.

I don't get Lucifer's excuses for not taking Maze home. Dad is going to be upset? Doesn't he want order restored, which means getting Lucifer and Maze back in Hell? Chloe is going to be put at risk? I don't really see how, especially if she's not involved. He wants her to hang around? Okay, I'll buy that one, but realization seemed to have come after he "lost" Chloe.
posted by sardonyx at 8:46 PM on March 26, 2018

AV Club recap - With “Orange Is The New Maze,” Lucifer’s favorite demon lets it all out

Yeah, Lucifer's unwillingness to take Maze back to Hell doesn't make sense if it's about God's will. Maybe if he were just saying it was about God but really it was just about Lucifer not wanting to lose Maze (even if he does take her for granted), but they didn't sell that very well if that was what the intention was.
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Also, if the only reason Maze wanted to get arrested was so that she could gain access to the records, that's pretty stupid on her part. I mean she has all kinds of ins with various people at the station she could have used that would have been much easier. I guess she was trying to punish the people she knows by making them see her behind bars, but honestly, that's me stretching for an explanation I don't think the show really delivered.
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I thought Maze turned herself in because she did genuinely want to go to prison to "punish" her friends, but then decided to get the murderer herself when she realized they wouldn't just accept her confession.

At least now I finally understand why Maze was so upset about Lindadiel. She's amidst all these forming and bonded relationships, but she's alone. She wasn't jealous of Lindadiel specifically, but just feeling isolated. I do think Maze's gripe with Lucifer is true. Demanding she stay on Earth to be with him while he pines for Chloe is a pretty dickish thing to do.
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I know it’s silly to nit-pick about legal procedure on a show like this, but they were super casual about a police officer investigating a murder where her housemate is the chief suspect.
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I still don't understand why I like this show. It makes no sense. The premise is ridiculous. They took the characters of Maze and Lucifer and the setting of the Lux nightclub... and that's it? Why? Why not make this show without optioning the comic? It's not like the character of Lucifer isn't in the public domain.

The plot has become formulaic. They're dragging out the Chloe Not Knowing storyline beyond all reason. I should be godawfully tired of this.

I am not. I still like it. WHY?
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Because Dr Linda is awesome (mostly).
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I'm finding Chloe's workplace relationships pretty ridiculous currently. Her attempts to move forward in her romantic relationship with her boss (her boss) keep getting interrupted by not just her ex husband who still works in the same department but also her current investigative partner who has ambiguous romantic feelings for her. If that isn't a sign that you really need to try to find a life outside work or at the very least keep your love life out of work then I don't know what is.... Like the investigating your own housemate stuff I get that this is just the way of procedurals and it shouldn't bother me but it has become particularly silly here. I'm also not really feeling any chemistry between Chloe & Pierce so as far as I'm concerned the sooner they wrap this story up the better.

Also glad Charlotte is now in the know but it really does reinforce the question of how much longer Chloe can stay in the dark. Linda does continue to be awesome and I really felt for Maize at the end with the "I'm everyone's 2nd choice" realisation.
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Also I thought Charlotte's response to Lucifer's reveal was amazing. The look of irritated disbelief at the "I'm the devil" transitioning to horror as she realised she really truly had been in hell and that if that's true then mybe everything else he was saying is too was really great work.
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Ugh, this show. They've found the worst setting for most of these characters and then decided to stick them there all season.

Whiny Lucifer is the worst, yet he's spent most of this season moaning and whining rather than just being fabulous and funny.

Petulant teenager Maze is useless. I'd rather have her leave the show than see her flounce around like anangry 14 year-old because nobuddy wuvves her.

I never like Chloe much, but a Chloe who is dating yet another man she works with, can't tell that he's manipulating her, and likes him despite the fact that he can't deliver a single line convincingly - ugh. Why does she have to look so stupid?

And yeah, whatshisnoodle playing Cain/Pierce is terrible. He's just terrible.

Amenadiel got his boring all over Dr. Linda. Sigh.

I think only Tricia Helfer is getting good stuff that plays to her strengths - everyone else is being written garbage because the writer's room seems to have no plot this season or any ideas left for the main cast.
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Well, finally Charlotte knows. Honesty FTW. Now just effing tell Chloe already.

Marcus is so flat and dull. What chemistry? They look bored as shit.
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