Tatort: Mitgehangen
March 26, 2018 8:43 PM - Season 47, Episode 27 - Subscribe

Cologne! Of course the car in the lake had a corpse in the trunk, says a weary Max Ballauf. The endless routine of corpses has finally gotten to the veteran. Out of character, he viciously pursues the suspect. Freddy Schenk starts to think his partner is after the wrong man.

It's an unflinching view of a family dealing with the consequences of the father being a suspect and how everyone deals (or fails to cope) with the stress. Ordinary people under pressure are capable of all kinds of terrible things. There were some nasty scenes in this one but I thought it served the story.

I haven't seen character development for Ballauf before and did not expect him to break in such a cold direction, especially with regard to his friendship with Schenk. The reflection on what it means to be a police officer hit on a lot of levels. I think there's something for the viewer to consider; what does it mean to watch a murder show every week when the detectives no longer derive satisfaction from their work? Maybe I'm reading into it too deeply.
posted by mrcrow
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