Silicon Valley: Grow Fast or Die Slow
March 26, 2018 11:11 PM - Season 5, Episode 1 - Subscribe

Pied Piper struggles with hiring, Gavin struggles to find a reason to be in business, and Jin Yiang tries to control the house.
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The windowless, fluorescent-lit, white box was pretty funny. Also how Richard knows Jared well enough to stop him from telling an anecdote about the pain of sacrificing half of your family.
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I feel like the whitebox office scene was too subtle of a reference to hog-farm offices. I predicted to myself that someone was going to trip over the boxes on the floor, though.

That "rescue your family" line was the best of the episode, but I hope they're not planning on Kimmy Schmidt'ing Jared. It kind of felt like he is being nudged in that direction. I also don't want Guilfoyle and Dinesh to become a Frick 'n Frack "unit of comedy." Richard's "always hyper-nervous" thing is a little too fish out of water, too. The pie gag only works when the sap's got dignity.

I dunno, I either feel like this set up a good de-chaos'ing of the last season, or a straight up simplification retool. Hard to believe they're at Season 5 now, I have to wonder if surely this is a make-or-break season, but heck, they've probably almost run the course even though I'd like more. There's a chance I want more of a show that they're not trying to make.

I'm dying to know if the bit about going to work the day after the morning you induce birth is based on real events.
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Synopsis of this show:

10 They got the money
20 They lose the money
30 GOTO 10
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I'm dying to know if the bit about going to work the day after the morning you induce birth is based on real events.

It wasn't even the day after, she said she induce that morning!

Jared continues to get the best lines in the show. I both would love to see a Jared prequel, but also love the mystery around his past.

Jian Yang's plot should provide some good laughs this season.
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Hah, yes. "The day after the morning" is confusing.
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Facebook logo in the opening credits flipping to some Cyrillic letters got my biggest lol of the episode
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