Silicon Valley: Reorientation
April 2, 2018 9:31 PM - Season 5, Episode 2 - Subscribe

Richard manages a number of small conflicts in his efforts to unite his new employees; Dinesh celebrates a new purchase that Gilfoyle looks to spoil; Jian-Yang goes to court; Gavin meets pushback over his signature and what it says about him.
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I'm glad this show is leaning into Thomas Middleditch's talent for physical comedy this season. I feel like we are getting this amazing comedic performance worthy of silent film out of him and nobody is talking about it.

I was really worried that Jian-Yang was going to be written off the show because he is my second-favorite entity on the show (favorite entity being Dinesh and Gilfoyle's relationship, which I consider to be a separate consideration from either of their individual characters) and I was concerned that he'd run out of oxygen without Erlich to butt heads with. But this is so much better: I still get Jian-Yang insulting loathsome people, but I don't have to put up with TJ Miller anymore.

Probably the best few lines of this episode for me were when Richard had to talk to the Optimoji team about the dog policy and called them "guys" like six times in three sentences right after Jared told him that was a microaggression.
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Best line for me: “Something’s wrong with your frunk. It’s all frunked up!”
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Oh man and also when Laurie Bream had labor induced and was back at work looking slim and sharp that same day. Amazing.
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I know this show has always leaned toward cringe humour but I was so done with Richard and his physical discomfort at speech giving. The joke just played out way too long. Plus, it seems as if the character has slid backwards rather than progressed and grown, and that's not the direction I want to see any of them travel.

And of course Gavin was going to get rid of the horrible truth-telling women.
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(favorite entity being Dinesh and Gilfoyle's relationship, which I consider to be a separate consideration from either of their individual characters

OMG Yes! I keep hoping for Dinesh and Gilfoyle webisodes like those The Accountants shorts that came out for The Office.
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I may just have a really immature sense of humor, but the Hooli signature contest *killed* me.
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