Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: The Great American* Puerto Rico
March 29, 2018 1:44 PM - Season 3, Episode 5 - Subscribe

* it's complicated --- Samatha Bee and her staff visits Puerto Rico to show how recovery efforts are going, and how much support they still need in this one hour long special. Playlist on YouTube, which has most of the episode and some fun teasers.

While some parts felt a bit shallow (like the hipster club), I'm glad the show tried to cover as much of Puerto Rico as they can in less than 40 minutes of runtime while still trying to be funny. You can buy the t-shirts here.
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I thought this was a really good episode. Really great mix of aspects of things about the island. I felt kinda bummed there was the power outage so we couldn't see the comedy show, though.

Oh lord, that tax guy.
Javier Munoz was fun.
I loved David Duchovny's "conspiracy yarn" and made screenshots of it.
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I loved the intentions.

The writers waaay overplayed the 'bumbling insensitive/ incompetent/ clueless/ not-locally-hip (white) person from the mainland' thing.

They were aware enough of it (fake booing/ real booing; stupid pink jacket/ tarp; karaoke; kid refusing a haircut) but it was hokey.

I know every little bit helps, but I wonder what competitors/ commercial colleagues of the shop that Bee just advertised the hell out of is thinking? Are there none? I acknowledge that said shop included intellectual class workers like the graphic designers (and the engineers designing/ maintaining the machinery), but... it was either the writers actually understanding and/or the writers trying to appeal to the deplorable audience?
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