Supernatural: Scoobynatural
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A supposedly curse TV sucks Sam and Dean into the cartoon world of Scooby-Doo.

So all the current Scooby Doo voice actors were in the episode for their respective roles! I had no idea Kate Micucci was the current voice of Velma (although I keep hearing Sadie from Steven Universe), or that Frank Weller, the same guy that voiced Fred when I watched Scooby Doo ages ago, still voices him today, and now also Scooby! Matthew Lillard, who played Shaggy in the live action movies (that I actually never saw) took over as the main voice for Shaggy. Grey DeLisle (also Grey Griffin) is the current main voice for Daphne, and if her name is ringing a bell for some of you, she voiced a bunch of things, including Wonder Woman in most of the WB animations for DC, Catwoman in the Batman Arkham games, and most importantly for me, Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender! (Also Ming-Hua, the armless waterbender in Legend of Korra.

"I once led armies and now I'm paired with a scruffy philistine and a talking dog."


Wow could they find a more stereotypical shady real-estate guy who owns everything and turned out to be the real bad guy?

Whatever diminished libido we thought Dean was suffering from clearly got cured by the sight of Daphne, which is... amusing but also slightly disturbing considering we (and him) all watched Scooby-Doo when we were young. And omg that ascot.

And I think he could've taken that TV apart without smashing it, right?

I ship Velma and Sam so hard.

This was actually a pretty great episode that also moved the story forward, with Castiel getting the fruits from the Tree of Life (I kinda wanna see this Djinn queen he's promised to). It was a refreshing take on what would happened if Scooby and the gang had to deal with some real life consequences like broken arms. The part with them having a breakdown because their world view basically shattered was great. Ahh, such childhood innocence... But this was a really great tribute to the cartoon, right down to Dean looking into the camera and yelling Scooby-Dooby Dooooo!
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I love the mention of the Trickster (Sam: "No, he's dead. Dean: "Or is he?").

It was a well developed story that showcased the best of both series. Very, very fun!
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haha yes I waited the entire time to see if it really was Trickster since we know he's not dead now.

also I somehow mispelled Scrappy, whoops.
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Yeah, I was really hoping there would be a last minute twist involving the Trickster, but alas, just another shady real estate developer.

I did really enjoy the episode. I wasn't sure what to expect, but Supernatural is often at its best when doing these quirky one off episodes. I liked how they contrasted the two shows, which do have a fair amount in common, in their own weird ways. The Scooby Gang's existential crisis after finding out that ghosts are real was also great.

But it's killing me to wait so long to see the show pick up on the big Gabriel reveal. It's been what, like 2 months since that episode? I guess I got kind of spoiled after binge watching the first 12 seasons.
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Yes, Fred was Frank Welker's first big break in animation voicing, and he took over Scooby after the death of his original voicer, Don Messick (who also did Scrappy Doo, BooBoo Bear, Dr. Benton Quest, Papa Smurf and Astro on The Jetsons). But Welker was already established more for doing 'animal voices' (both talking and native noises) than human voices and also took over the animated Garfield after the death of Lorenzo Music (when Bill Murray didn't want to). I FPP'd when Welker was recognized as the All Time Top Credited Actor at the Box Office, but has since been overtaken by Stan Lee (for his Marvel cameos) and Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury, Mace Windu, etc.) and followed not-too-closely by fellow voicer Bob Bergen, Pixar regular John Ratzenberger, former Ewok Warwick Davis, motion-capturer Andy Serkis, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman and Tom Hanks. Still an interesting list (top ranking woman: Hunger Gamer and Pitch Perfect Producer Elizabeth Banks)
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I felt like this one dragged a bit, but maybe that was just because I'd been hearing about it so long that by the time I finally saw it there wasn't a lot of novelty in the concept for me anymore. Things played out about the way I would've expected, I guess. I wish the whole thing had been more retro, with the old music and stiffer animation. It had a modern animation style and new voices, so to me it kept feeling like "Scooby Doo" in quotes. And I wish we'd spent more time with Shaggy and Scooby! They were the heart of the old show, but here it seemed like most of the story was spent with Daphne, Fred and Velma while Shaggy and Scooby were just kind of background.

I did like Dean totally fanboy-ing on the show, that seemed really in-character for him. The stuff with Sam and Velma was cute. I know a lot of budding lesbians and asexual girls saw themselves in Velma growing up so it's a double-edged sword to confirm she's horny for boys, but it is kind of hilarious to find out she was really waiting for Sam Winchester all along.

I wasn't crazy about the scene where the Scooby gang was freaking out, because that didn't quite seem true to who they are. (I think they've faced real ghosts in some of the follow-up shows, and even if they freaked out I really doubt it left them gibbering with existential horror.) In general I felt like the Scoobies were a little off, but not so much it ruined the episode for me. But I was disappointed we never had a Scooby snacks scene, and Velma never lost her glasses!

Apparently this was based on a real Scooby episode, complete with Fred's goofy washing machine trap!
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It might not have been retro, but it was based on Actually Existing Scooby-Doo - those are the current voice actors, and the animation is the same as the DTV movies, which are the closest things to the original series that get produced on a regular basis.

I liked it, it was a well-constructed deconstruction of the franchise, which is inevitable for any Scooby-Doo work produced for casual fans. I thought the freak-out scene was hilarious and totally in-character, there's enough elasticity in their personalities for it to work. Even Daphne's reaction was reasonable for her, she's always been the least-well-developed (or cliched) character, but that means she can have a wider range of reactions and still feel like her.
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Yep, it was based on a first-season Scooby-Doo episode, back when every ghost or supernatural baddie was, without exception, a human in a mask. I always felt like the later series with real supernatural beings were a betrayal of that, and I'm glad the more recent incarnations have gotten back to the original ethos.

I firmly believe Dean would also agree that the pure and innocent non-supernatural Scooby-Doo is the best and truest Scooby-Doo (because, not despite, of the reality of his own life).
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It might not have been retro, but it was based on Actually Existing Scooby-Doo

But, if they were supposed to have entered a 1970 episode, why did it look and sound more like a modern thing? I wouldn't be surprised if the Supernatural people wanted something more retro but the Scooby rights-holders insisted on something that reflects their current style more. I didn't think the more modern look ruined the episode, but it sure reduced the nostalgia aspect for me. It created a distancing effect, it was a Scooby Doo but not the Scooby Doo, and that made the whole thing less shocking and funny. I expected this episode would be a masterpiece or a trainwreck, but it fell well short of either extreme for me. It was a totally wacky idea, but in execution it was just... fine.

I read somewhere that Scooby Doo is the one American entertainment property that has been in production more-or-less continuously since 1969. They change the show's name and crew, they tinker with the premise, but somebody's been making some sort of Scooby Doo show since before Nixon was sworn in! I do think a crossover episode was a great idea and it's to this show's credit that they're still doing stuff this nuts 13 seasons in. Too bad we'll probably never see an X-Files crossover, even though we're in this weird moment in time when it could really happen.
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Oh god, this was great. The only thing that wasn't great was that Cartoon Dean is not as cute as the original. But Dean's delight in this show:

* The Fortress of Deanitude
* The uh, sleeping robe. I thought Dean would not be into it, but man, he was into it.
* Finally having a big enough mouth for his sandwich
* The ascot!
* You got Supernatural in my ScoobyDoo plot! You got ScoobyDoo in my Supernatural plot! It was perfect! (And Sam was right about these schemes.)

I liked how Velma scorned Sam while still finding him kinda hot at the same time. Less thrilled at Dean's constant macking on Daphne, but I expected it because literally every straight dude ever would do that.
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Best Moments.
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Oh, that episode was fun.
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I love Supernatural's meta outings: visiting the 'real' world, being trapped in live action TV, etc. For me, this is up there with all those other great stories.
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I like the excitement over the Dean-Cave. And that the newspaper had no words.
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I forgot this was happening and was genuinely startled when the Scooby crossover became clear. It was even better than I'd hoped! And it made me want to go watch more Scooby Doo.

What a nice chaser to the last two episodes, which made me seriously reconsider whether I wanted to keep watching this season.
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I haven't watched Supernatural in, uh, five years or so? But I might have to watch this episode, because it sounds amazing.
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you totally should! you wouldn't even be confused much by the current storyline, since the only thing they mentioned was fruits from the tree of life, which is just a spell ingredient.
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I really enjoyed the show, and generally, I love the whacky, weird, and fun episodes the show does because the rest of the episodes serve as this continual "straight man" to the comedy. One reason they're so fun is because we're used to the heaviness and seriousness.
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Jinkies! Zoinks! Jeepers! Son of a bitch! I loved that bit.

I also liked Cas being the mysterious figure at the stop light. That was cute.
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Why Scooby-Doo Is the Perfect TV Multiverse

Slight mention in the next show: "Jinkies!" Are you going to stop saying that? Don't know...probably not.
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