Ash vs Evil Dead: Tales from the Rift
April 1, 2018 1:27 PM - Season 3, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Kelly hunts down Ruby, the Knights of Sumeria continue to be no help at all, and Brandy cooks breakfast.
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Has the prop for the Kandarian dagger as a hero shot prop become less hero-ey? (ie., less handle detail, more rubbery-looking blade) Small matter.

Brandy just accepting everything's a little jarring, but having her keep being in denial of the existence of Evil would just have been annoying. I wonder if she (Carver-O'Neill) has enough juice to combine with Santiago* and DeLorenzo to continue with a Campbell- and Lawless- less 'Evil Dead' show?

Kelly should know better by now that fighting Evil works better with friends. some of who gets far better lines written for them

Ash's trailer keep Tardis-ing - it's almost as big-on-the-inside as Sgt. Jack Colt's spoof trailer in 'National Lampoons: Loaded Weapon I'

Only problem I have with the KoS being total numpties is that how could such ineptitude survive to propagate their order through the centuries?

Hey! Armies of Darkness frames!

"My god, they're all dead!"
Ash: "Welcome to my world, lady."

* Pablo picked up the chainsaw, got it started
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I feel like maybe the Knights were lucky enough to get a few quiet centuries before Ash stumbled upon the Necronomicon and messed the whole thing up. I mean, Ash called it: that guy got his ass kicked by a 75-year-old man and the power of gravity. (And then apparently couldn't get out of a locked basement. Didn't he have a phone on him?!) The one who shot himself was at least gung-ho, but he still only made it...what?...three episodes? I don't think they ever ran into many Deadites.

I'm sure Kelly won't be dead long, but I hope Dana DeLorenzo gets the chance to play the demon lady Ruby summoned from the Rift (...I think?) as that character (as opposed to that character pretending to be Kelly) for an episode or two. I wasn't crazy about the asylum storyline in S2, but it did show that DeLorenzo has a lot of range. It'd be fun to see her play against type again.

It's hard for me to imagine an Ash-less version of the show. Kelly and Pablo are cool and all, but Ash's buffoonery is really what makes the whole thing come together. Take him away and I think you might have something that looks a lot like Angel or a lot of f-bombs and gross-out humor. I'd stick with it, but I don't know if it would work.

I was really impressed with the stunt work and the prosthetics in this episode. That creature the Knight turned into was something else. Echoes of The Thing and Brian Yuzna's Society, but also very original. Good stuff.
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All of the actors' athleticism has been outstanding (well, Campbell is adept enough to having convincing stand-ins) and definite kudos to the stunt coordination teams - all season.

Yah! really looking forward to DeLorenzo get a chance to do a different personality/ persona!

I'm not advocating a Campbell-less show, just kind of anticipating that travesty.

re: Supernatural, I was a fan (it was a fun show, didn't take itself too seriously, had a pretty internally consistent mythos) until S05-ish (Castielle came back mortal and was in a hippy commune, Sam was taken over by devil) and then drifted off, thinking it was off the air. Made the effort to catch the Felicia Day cameo episode - and mein gott - when did this turn into a children's show?!
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I'm not advocating a Campbell-less show, just kind of anticipating that travesty.

Is there any indication this is on the horizon or just speculation?
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Purely baseless speculation on my part.

I'm still salty over how 'Supernatural' took the Buffy aesthetic but took themselves seriously... and then suddenly turned into a children's show. Nobody left, but that the new profile sells make me worry that AvED will be cancelled or morphed into a purely commercial enterprise.
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Fair enough. I gave up on Supernatural several seasons ago, it just wasn't going anywhere. So I don't have a specific reference point for your fear. But it definitely wouldn't happen with Bruce involved, he's way too much in it for the fan service.
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