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Coulson is forced to team up with unlikely allies to save the world, while his team try to track him down and rescue him.

General Hale tempts Carl "Crusher" "Absorbing Man" Creel to touch the Applied PhlebotinumGravitonium because it will be a whole new substance to experience. Unlike any excpeimental substance he's tried since college, it makes him trip wildly and become weightless until someone pulls him loose. Apparently it is alive and not a particular fam of Mr. Creel.

YoYo has super-cool new arms and has a talk about I'm Invulnerable Because Timeline Paradox with Mack while getting a lot of backlogged punching out of her system. Mack is still not buying it.,

Daisy still thinks bringing Robin out from hiding and trying to glean something from her drawings is their best bet for finding Coulson. May's not wild about the ides and Jemma wants to release the Leopold to help, but Daisy is in charge and isn't going to budge. Once Robin and her mother are on the plane, Robin calls May "Mommy", and she confirms with Robin's mother's well-founded suspicions that she's not going to see Robin into adulthood. Robin has a moment of coherence and explains that Philip J. Coulson is going to die, but also produces a picture with something landmark-ish on it.

Yo-Yo and Jemma have both fully bought in to their memberships in the I'm Invulnerable Because Timeline Paradox so they set up a H20 vs H202 taste test. Jemma will drink some randomly chosen glasses russian roulette style either until she dies or Mac opens the door. At three, she fakes dying in agony to get Mac to release Leo, at which point YoYo shoves Mac into the cell and locks it. Jemma then demonstrates that the last beaker was full of acid, thus boosting her confirmatiojn bias in support of the Timeline Immortality theory.

Back in Hydra 2.0 HQ, Creel is still having a HandwaviumGravitonium hangover and confronts Couldson, telling him that the stuff is alive and hates Coulson and BTW WTF? Coulson challenges him with being on the side of people hurting Talbot, and is able to prove Talbot is a prisoner on base. The three try to escape but run into Ruby. Creel hold her off long enough for COuldson and Talbot to use the teleporter gizmo to play Anywhere But Here. Ruby, desipite being unwilling to kill the dog she was supposed to in last weeks episode, continues on with her habit of trying to kill people she isn't supposed to and only fails because Creel turned himself into wood. Hale arrives just in time to see this but forgives Ruby when she justifies going off the rails [add your own Ruby on Rails joke here] by naming herself the Destroyer of Worlds. This makes Hale a proud mama.

The last stinger is a flashback showing that Raina had Ian Quinn touch the Shiny Plot GooGravitonium, which proceeded to eat him.
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Favorite quote: "Deke is our grandson." "I'm sorry."
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The last stinger is a flashback showing that Raina had Ian Quinn touch the Gravitonium, which proceeded to eat him.

Not just a flashback, but an outright deleted scene from season 1 that is just now being used. Talk about playing a long game!
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I don't think there's any way of explaining that poison beaker gambit that doesn't reduce to Simmons having completely lost her marbles.
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Does Yo-Yo really think she's immortal or would she rather die now than live to be tortured for decades in the future?
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The only way the beaker gambit works is if the future is inevitable, and the reason they tried the beaker gambit was to get Fitz out so they could alter the future. So since the beaker gambit was successful they also proved it was pointless.

Is that seriously the thinking? "Now that we've proven we can't change the future, let's go change the future"?

This season has been a serious step down from last season. It's been very good, mind, but last season was excellent. Pouty Princess just doesn't feel like a threat the way Aida did.
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Yeah, the thing with the beakers...

Simmons: So that's the plan.
Fitz: That doesn't make any sense. It's not logical!
YoYo: It doesn't need to be logical. This is Mack. He leads with his feelings.
Fitz: Fair point.
Simmons: Let's do this.
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Fitz: Okay, but surely they can all be water. We're not completely insane!
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Favorite quote: "Deke is our grandson." "I'm sorry."

YoYo is always the best. Meanwhile Simmons is all, "He's quite sweet really..."

I don't think there's any way of explaining that poison beaker gambit that doesn't reduce to Simmons having completely lost her marbles.

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Yeah, even with the "the future is in written in stone" plot, I kind of think - y'know, we know the Kree resurrected Yo-Yo (repeatedly), we don't know how long she survived the destruction of the planet before the became a Kree zombie, so. Uh. Don't go feeling invulnerable there, Lady.

And let's be honest, Deke's presence only needs Simmons. Presumably FitzSimmons have done the deed (ah heh heh heh) already, so Fitz's contribution to the future is already done.

Still, I dunno, I'm enjoying waiting for it to go suddenly _spang_ up against indeterminacy and surprise! You've just been riding along with luck this whole time, you weren't actually invulnerable. I'm just not sure if they're going to do it by axing a core member of the cast or by invalidating one of Robin's predictions or if it's all going to go up in a gigantic series finale fireball.
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Of course, it's also possible that Jemma set up the glasses and thus knew which one had the acid in it. We only had her word that it was properly randomized.

I did wonder if maybe "Bobo" was someone other than Leo, someone Jemma hooked up with later and Deke just confused the stories about his grandfather and his grandmother's new boyfriend.
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And let's be honest, Deke's presence only needs Simmons. Presumably FitzSimmons have done the deed (ah heh heh heh) already, so Fitz's contribution to the future is already done.

There's no way her puking in the earlier episode wasn't supposed to signal this.
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Deke is definitely Leo's kid. The DNA scan by Hale's team at the sheriff's station confirmed that. But if Jemma is already pregnant, that doesn't make him safe.

Given that all of them are half suicidal all the time, as long as it's for a decent cause like saving the world, I completely buy their motives. They can't die from something trivial right now, which is the only reason they've held onto to a modicum of caution. Their deaths now necessarily prove that they've changed the future and potentially saved the world (at least until it came into crisis again).

Also, if Ian Quinn was the guy who died in the Raina flashback, who got eaten by Gravitonium in front of Coulsen in the "previously" flashback? That was all clearly a story line that didn't stick with me - so I worry wikipedia would be a bigger rabbit hole than helpful.
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Shorter rabbit hole than expected! Season 1 was a long long time ago...
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I like that Robin's predictions were in a cute ice cream folder.

I was much less enthused about the game of acid Russian roulette.
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Not much happened this episode. It was stretched out from events that could have taken place in a quarter of the time.
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Yeah, not gonna lie, it definitely feels like they're trying to wrap up some story lines and come up with something coherent to go out on if it turns out to be the last season, but kind of dragging their feet in the process so they don't start up anything else for next season that they know won't get fleshed out any further.
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I just noticed that Deke resembles Talbot a lot, way more than he resembles Fitz. Coincidence? Who can say.
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