RuPaul's Drag Race: The Last Ball on Earth
April 13, 2018 5:36 PM - Season 10, Episode 4 - Subscribe

The queens cook up three global warming-friendly looks for the last ball ever, and actresses Tisha Campbell-Martin and Logan Browning drop by to guest judge.

We also get a good bit of backstory for a few of the queens, a fantastic Lipsync for your Lives and continued drama on Untucked.
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I think my fave four (Asia, Cracker, Blair and Monique) have been solidified. I thought Cracker's looks were better than Aquaria's if one considers all three, but Aquaria's first two were awesome (I didn't much care for the third).

Monique is still giving the best talking heads. I love her face. I love the things she has to say. I love the way she says them. Love her.

I felt bad for Dusty during the LSFYL as it was clear that Monet was outperforming her and the judges were eating it up. I kind of hoped Ru would keep both but alas it was not to be.
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What a missed opportunity for a Little Shop of Horrors themed challenge.
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I think I'm Team Asia after this episode. I'm a sucker for nurturing types! And she's consistently delivered these past few weeks; this episode was just a misstep.

That lipsync! I think Monet's performance might be my favorite since Shut Up and Drive. Soo many great moments, from that fakeout to the hardcore voguing to that perfect jump split. I can't stop rewatching it.
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Bit of a derail, but who does Rupaul's face these days? Could her face-sock look this episode have been related to some kind of makeup drama?
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Raven is supposed to be doing it. There’s a lot of chatter about the distance between Ru’s eyebrows on reddit.
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I haven’t seen the full episode yet, but since the episodes are filmed in a string and not actually one week to the next (they are, right? didn’t BenDeLaCreme say as much in an interview?), I just assumed the respiratory infection was still in play, and a face sock+big visor would be a fairly effective way of saving time on makeup if one was tired and their eyes maybe watery and their face perhaps a bit puffy and sleepy-looking.
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This was a pretty damned good episode. Just a couple of nitpicks:

No way in hell did Asia belong anywhere near the bottom this episode. I thought her looks were excellent (despite the judges' critiques)--she managed to deliver in a big way despite all the time spent helping the other queens. It really felt to me like the judges were using her "bottom 3" placement to send a message or deliver drama. Boo.

There was a conspicuous absence of Kameron throughout the episode until the runway sequence. I don't believe we heard a single word issue from her mouth, and only caught one or two glimpses of her in the background. Did she piss someone off in the production studio?
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I'm heartbroken to see Dusty go -- there's something about her face that I'm in love with, and I can't wait to keep following her and see how her drag evolves. It was pretty clear that she wasn't breaking through, though, and her lip sync didn't stand a chance.

I was stunned Vixen wasn't higher up -- her looks were amazing, without being gluing something to a bra. Aquaria. Ahem.

Kameron serves the looks, but yeah, we don't get much from her at all? I, um, kind of wonder if it's just that...she doesn't have a huge personality?

Ru's look is pretty clearly a Leigh Bowery tribute -- definitely saving time and all especially if she's still poorly, but it makes sense in a drag ball episode. (I also particularly enjoyed that no one could read her face, and that it was just...pure art.)
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There is something afoot with Ru, that hideous polo jumper in the workshop and the silver snood/visor shebang for runway were clearly covering up some neck anomaly. Despite the standard wit and spirit she did seem physically tired. Hot toddy and bed are due!

Am gutted for Dusty, it was fair when judged on performance but isn't Monet is coasting on personality a tad? Aside from the ep 1 entrance outfit (which slayed!) her drag has seemed consistently under-skilled and over-sold to me. She is a fantastic character though.
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