Ash vs Evil Dead: Rifting Apart
April 14, 2018 10:28 PM - Season 3, Episode 8 - Subscribe

With Kelly and Brandy trapped on the wrong side of death itself, Ash and Pablo come up with the worst plan possible to get them back.'s more like the idea of a plan.
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Dalton's back! And then he's gone again. If AvED gets renewed for another season, maybe they could work that in as a running gag for a few episodes.
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I'm kinda hoping that the Brujah Especiale ends up amounting to something, maybe Pablo has to sacrifice his newly found powers to restore Kelly?

Not sure if Santiago has the acting chops - but what if the only way Kelly can come back is by using/sharing Pablo as a host? DeLorenzo can still have screen time both as on-camera possessed Kelly as well as 4th wall-busting-ish Kelly-in-Pablo's-perception.

OTOH, now that Brandy could be brought back, and Ash coming back from a semi-suicide, the... risk profile has been pretty much eroded. Coming back should come with some kind of mindfuck - I'm flashing on 'Flatliners' and how exploring being dead by definition fucks with one's mind.

iirc, Ash in the original ED movie(s) was possessed but... never actually D. E. D. - dead?

Appreciated that Ash kind of talks about his feelings about doing it, but I can't believe that Ash would actually risk that - and almost certainly not an Ash who'd risk that for his biological child.

Remember, he cheerily eviscerated biological spawns of himself gleefully - in the movies (whole copies and bits and bobs copies of Ash) and here with Ruby's unauthorized bastard of him.

Can Ash, the character, grow/develop? Is that antithetical to Ash-ness?

Did enjoy the episode, overall, though. I'm really warming up to the Brandy character/actress.
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