The Terror: First Shot a Winner, Lads
April 16, 2018 6:09 PM - Season 1, Episode 5 - Subscribe

A strange illness begins to show itself while another more familiar one jeopardizes the expedition's most valuable resource - its captain's judgment. (IMDB)
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The doctors' exploding teeth conversation between is very typical of the mid-nineteenth century, when there was something of an exploding-tooth fad.

Excellent makeup; they do a fine job of making the cold its own character. The gradually increasing list of Erebus does a lot for differentiating the atmosphere of the two ships and giving a sense of progressing time and the increasing fuckedness of the situation.

Drunky Crozier's ropes-and-books table-leveling setup is spectacular and pathetic and his self-intervention was similarly believable.

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Goodsir: "well sir, I have no idea about the origin of this strange black tooth malady..."

Hodgson: "could our lead water tanks be the problem? Oh no no, surely not."

Husband and I lock eyes: "Story's over, we found the real monster that killed these men!"

Also, I was literally shouting at the TV and jumping up and down throughout the whole slo-mo chase between the creature and Blanky on the decks.

This series is the first time I think I've truly understood what others felt watching the World Cup or Superbowl, I guess? whooooo, that entire sequence was just so tense!

Literally in the very first scene, I said, "What do you reckon he'll start going through whiskey withdrawals in the next episode? That's likely to kill Capt. Crozier, considering the conditions they're already fighting against." As much as he's obviously Not Well, poor man, he's trying to maintain some semblance of authority and leadership for his crew. I'm pretty sympathetic to his situation, but that may be down to Jared Harris' excellent acting.
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One of the things I’m loving in this show is the stuff that seems so insane it has to be made up, but then is real. (Like tooth exploding)

In related news, I have absolutely encountered men of the Fitzjames type. It’s not a huge stretch from “no sweat in the chow hall in a combat zone” to “no shag in the Arctic as you wait to be murdered, lads!”

Also, when Lady Silence is talking about the Tuunbaq - I wonder how much the attempt to be respectful and bury the carvings with her father has contributed to their current situation with the creature? Like they’re fucked not just for casual stupidity but also culturally unaware kindness?
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Just watched this; I was too tired to do anything besides post the thread last night.

Like someone else said, this show is just continually delightful in the way it presumes its viewers' intelligence. There's a Raft of the Medusa joke; there's a conversation about the DTs that completely circles around the existence of alcohol in an entirely Victorian way. And then there's that scene with the leg. I shrieked aloud when the bonesaw came out.

Magnus Manson was a character I thought they had cut because he had appeared earlier in the book than in the series. In the book, he is what they used to call "simple," and things go badly for him, and because of him --
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Wait a minute. What happened to the standard poodle we saw running around early on? How has that not already come up in the last few eps?

Nothing good is in store for that pupper, other than becoming someone or something's dinner.
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So... I'm dumb but I got a little confused by the amount of time Crozier said he was going to be "unwell." He said one to two weeks. Is that a normal alcohol detox time or is something else going on?
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QueenSissy, here's a pretty neat visual timeline for alcohol withdrawal symptoms. I personally think Crozier might die from withdrawals (seizures, specifically), but that one guy with his brain out appears to somehow still be alive, so... I guess Victorians were just a wee bit heartier than us modern folk?

Okay, I looked it up. About 5% of alcoholics get delirium tremens (DTs) during the detox process. Of those, around 1 in 20 end up dying from DTs, likely because they detox without medical supervision.
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Thank you, Unicorn! A loved one recently went through detox but got anti-seizure medication etc. (thank you, modern medicine) so I wasn't sure how these things went without supervision.

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does no marine have a spare pencil and a moment for mercy? dear god. RIP brain guy
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I think everything'll work out fine for brain guy
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