The Terror: A Mercy
April 23, 2018 7:10 PM - Season 1, Episode 6 - Subscribe

With the end of their provisions in sight, officers contemplate a tough, risky strategy while struggling to raise the men's worsening spirits. (IMDB)
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Well, sure as a by-God, I did not see that coming. It's not how it was in the book, and it took me completely by surprise, but it was quite effectively horrible.

I watch this show CC'd because I tend to miss dialogue in tense dramatic shows. If you didn't, you missed the closed caption for Hickey's sullen look when he's called out for pissing at the carnival: [continues urinating]
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Hickey is really shaping up to be a really fascinating villain, and I hope we will see him in something else soon. He clearly has the chops to hang in the company of some truly incredible actors, and the role is one it’d be easy to make comical.
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I've long held that fun is a bad idea and this was a good example.

Goodsir murdering the monkey is the worst face-heel-turn in TV history. Muttonchopped motherfucker tortured to death the character I most wanted him to befriend. This is now the Tuunbaq and Lady Silence Show to me (jury's still out on Crozier) and the sooner everyone else eats each other the better.

The curiosity Hickey showed when poking Mister Brain Guy's eponymous brain is typical of psychopaths, and come to think of it Hickey might be the most realistic depiction of psychopathy I've seen in a long time. Speaking of Brain Guy, in the tumult of the tent-escape he must have got all kinds of crud all up in those nooks and crannies. Heck, I bet at least one cigarette butt ended up in it before the fire even started.
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Is there an Emmy category for Best Closed Captioning? I actually started laughing at "[Squelching]" when Hickey first poked Brain Guy's brain. I know it was referring to the music, but...
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They did a brilliant job with the bait and switch for who was starting the fire. I was 100% like Hickey you motherfucker! But then it's the hard-ass doctor....oh...OH...oohhhhhhhh....

He knows what the lead poisoning means and he's not gonna stick around to see it all play out, plus he's probably been having dark thoughts of his own.
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He lit himself on fire dressed as a clown. y'all. *fans self* Goodsir's not had much luck sharing the lead news, what next?

Yes, this is the long dark night of the soul -- but alas, no enlightenment awaits them. Only polar bears capable of steepling fingers before their all-too-human faces.

It's going to be hard waiting a week between the remaining eps!
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Worth noting, I guess, that in this episode it is hinted that the team who brought Lady Silence back did rape her. (At least two of them.) I guess that will be important later on.

I like that Fitzjames is somewhat vindicated, he might be annoying, but he realizes that Crozier was right all along (and probably, that Franklin was a pompous guy way over his head).
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it is hinted that the team who brought Lady Silence back did rape her.

I don't think I caught that! What makes you think it?
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I missed that too. Looking at the transcript: there's this in Hickey's conversation about flogging:
That man owes you one, too, you know.
Who, Armitage? Yeah? How's that?
For not pointing him out as being part of grabbing that Esqui girl.
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