My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 402: Face 2 Face: That Good Hot Dog Syrup
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Here's our recent live show from the McFarlin Memorial Auditorium in Dallas, Texas, in which we INVENT A NEW SYRUP?!?! Please don't share this one on-line until we hear back from the patent office.
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Griffin: "And that's 15 seconds of podcast that we don't have to do!"
Justin: "It's just that, we'll edit that down when you listen to it, at home, later - it'll be more like 8 seconds."

...and of course it's 8 seconds. :)
posted by bigendian at 11:56 AM on April 18, 2018 [2 favorites]

The live questions all were really good! The genderfluid one was, of course, not a good one for them to try to answer, but it was still intended as an actual question to receive useful answers.

All of their pleas have made me really worried about the Houston show. :-/ Anyone know how that one went?
posted by meese at 2:27 PM on April 18, 2018

meese: I was at the Houston show and it was very well attended. It seems like a lot of people bought tickets day of. The brothers seemed very relieved.
posted by coreywilliam at 3:01 PM on April 18, 2018 [2 favorites]

I saw the title of this and I was like, I wonder if it's syrup made of hot dogs, or syrup that goes on a hot dog, and then it turned out that was the joke, and I was amused. My favorite thing is when one of them says what I was thinking.
posted by bleep at 9:17 PM on April 18, 2018

This was a good live episode, and I'm not usually fond of their live episodes.
posted by maxsparber at 7:07 AM on April 19, 2018 [4 favorites]

Yeah, a surprisingly listenable live show. Maybe the tacos slowed down the alcohol absorption.
posted by tchemgrrl at 7:32 PM on April 20, 2018

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