iZombie: Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Brain
April 19, 2018 3:19 PM - Season 4, Episode 7 - Subscribe

Liv is on pick up artist brain, while she comes up with plans for the Underground Railroad. Clive struggles with the arrangement he's made with Bozzio. Major is assigned an important task.

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Liv on PUA brain is super skeevy! I did not really enjoy that. But it did lead to some fun moments, like her putting down Chase every time they met.

This felt like an inbetween episode, where they're setting up more stuff, even though it was also eventful. So now we're looking for the fallout between Major and the group over his new FM-G assignments; Clive may be done with Bozzio; Liv might have to seek out Blaine to deal with his father, or vice-versa; Peyton not being able to trust her zombie friends anymore; Liv learning to lock her door.

Seriously, after all that planning, and she doesn't lock her door while sitting there doing something super illegal?

- The song she's listening to is "I Know" by Aly & AJ, the band made of Aly Michalka (who plays Peyton) and her sister AJ.
- Amanda, the woman that sleeps with the dead douchbag, is Bar Paly, who is Helen of Troy on Legends of Tomorrow.
- That dish Liv made is apparently a Spotted Dick, which is appropriate considering the brain.
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So...they're not even bothering with the zombie makeup for Liv any more?

Along with "oops, we gonna run out of brains," there's "oops, we gonna run out of tanner."

That Mountie hat. Damn. Clive was right about the mirror.
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Down to duck. Well. PUA Liv was the worst Liv.
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AHHHHHHH did not pick up on the spotted dick while watching (nor did my GBBO loving spouse)
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Oh, that's what that was. I turned to my wife and said, "bread...pudding?"
posted by thecaddy at 6:28 AM on April 24, 2018

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