3%: Chapter 02: Toaster (Torradeira)
April 27, 2018 3:29 PM - Season 2, Episode 2 - Subscribe

As Rafael races to score a spot on the Inland squad, flashbacks recap his first year in the Offshore. Fernando reluctantly coaches Process hopefuls.

*6 days until Processo 105, Rafael fails a security simulation, but begs Marcela to send him Inland anyway.
*Flashing back to Day 1, Rafael sees Michele led away. At his new home, he attempts to build a radio as instructed to contact La Causa, but it shorts out. He deliberately burns his hand on the stove in order to get medical treatment, so that he can ask the doctor (Elisa) where Michele is. At RTC, Rafael tells Michele about his inability to build the low-tech radio with Offshore high-tech, asking for her help as a fellow Causa operative, and she tells him she no longer believes in La Causa having discovered that they lied to her about Ezequiel having killed Andre, but that she won't interfere with whatever Rafael is doing. Rafael joins other 3%-ers on the beach for some 'pro-sexo' -- everyone wears contact lenses which measure their pupil dilation, and touch rings with each other to see what their affinity match percentage is. He finds Elisa at the fringes of the party, and despite their apparent chemistry and flirty banter find they have a record-low 1.4% match, but end up in bed together anyway. In the morning-after breakfast, Elisa reveals she has a vintage low-tech toaster, and he pries a chip out of it to complete his radio.

*Fernando's father preaches the gospel of Processo, then introduces Gloria to perform a musical number on a stringed instrument. Afterwards, she and her friend Ariel ask Fernando to help them prepare for their turn at the upcoming Processo, and he reluctantly agrees eventually.
*Joana tries to talk Silas out of his bombing plan, but he will not be swayed.
*Fernando puts Gloria through a harsh mock interview, and Gloria reveals that her mother tried to kill her because she thought she'd be a Processo failure like her father.
*Later, Fernando tests a group of hopefuls, tasking them to build cubes out of paper. Ariel purposefully knocks over Gloria's water jar, ruining all her cubes, and when Gloria insists she should be eliminated for cheating, Fernando eliminates Gloria instead. Later, he tells her he doesn't want her to be naive like he was.

*A day before the Processo, Rafael tries again to reach La Causa on his radio, warning them that he hasn't been selected for Inland, that Michele is no longer Causa and he doesn't know what she's planning to do. Elisa finds him on the radio, and he covers by saying he's been trying to contact his family to let them know he's ok. She tells him all signals are blocked, and he pretends he knew that already, and was just doing it therapeutically.
*Rafael convinces Marcela to give him another try at the simulation. She says she'll let him on the team if he beats her record, and he does. Returning home, he finds the place trashed, is knocked out and awakes to find himself a prisoner. His captors demand to know who he really works for, stab him in the leg, then drag out a bound & gagged Elisa, but he insists throughout that he only works for Marcela. They shoot Elisa, and he awakes to find it was a simulation of Marcela's who suspected Rafael of being Ezequiel's plant. She welcomes him to the Inland team.

*Fernando comes home to find Joana in his room. She tells him about Causa's bomb plan, and asks him to help her come up with some other way to stop the Processo in order to stop the bombing from happening.
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Man, Fernando carrying out the tests with such accurate remakes was kind of terrifying. But that's the goal, and what we witnessed in season 1.

I never took Rafael as all that competent, iirc he pretty much passed through luck and cunning cowardice. But turns out that's exactly what the Cause needed. I thought he just really sucked at remembering the training for the radio, but the needing the correct part makes sense. Everything is super advanced there.

Elisa is going to make things complicated, I can tell.

Joana's no-kill policy has a really organic reason, and how she's sticking to her morals has been one of my favorite things in this show. It's hard to imagine a doctor going along with a plan to kill innocents, but his reasoning of failing to save the lives in his clinic really doesn't make sense. So in order to stop these deaths, you're going to murder healthy innocents? And how will that lead to the Offshore just handing him the medicines he needs?
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