3%: Chapter 03: Static (Ecstática)
April 27, 2018 7:11 PM - Season 2, Episode 3 - Subscribe

Desperate to protect Gloria, Fernando realizes there's another way to stop the Process. Michele and Rafael separately try to contact the Cause.

*5 days until the Processo.
*Fernando wakes from a dream about Gloria and the bomb, Gloria wakes to find Fernando has left her a present of a walkie talkie, and asks him to come with her to get her registration checked.

*At the Processo building, Ezequiel takes Michele to see the captive Old Man, who apologizes to her for his lie about her brother. Ezequiel hopes this reminds her of what he needs her to do.

*At the registration area, Fernando flashes back to the days after his failed Processo, panhandling, and happening upon one of his father's Processo street sermons, and angrily condemning the myth of the Founding Couple, saying that the Processo is just a way of keeping everyone mired in their poverty. Fernando is followed and beaten up until Gloria comes to his rescue. Back in the present, Elisa has a problem scanning Gloria's registration chip, but is able to verify it against the Processo building data and rescan. Afterward, Fernando tries to warn Gloria of the impending attack and get her to promise to stay away from the Processo.

*Causa agent Ivana hears Michele over the radio, reading out a list of names, but doesn't recognize the meaning of the code. Silas draws Natalia's name as the bomber. Joana tries to get her to admit she doesn't want to do it, but Natalia insists she will do anything to stop the Processo, as her older sister committed suicide after failing her year. Ivan runs in with the recording of Michele's message, but Silas angrily shatters the player, saying that the infiltrators can't be trusted anymore.

*Rafael gets assigned to work the Processo building, but puts something in the water bottle of the guard assigned to work out at registration.

*Fernando tells Joana his plan, that since he has figured out that the master data of the registration chips is stored in the Processo building, Causa can stop the Processo by destroying that data.

*Ezequiel gives Michele an earpiece transmitter that will let him hear everything she does. He introduces her to his 'dunk your head in the sink' ritual.

*Joana brings Fernando the cassette to fix, and he recognizes Michele's voice. He figures out the code, that the names triangulate a location on the sewer map. Gloria sees Fernando with Joana, as he goes to the meeting point, and berates him for joining Causa.

*At registration, Rafael sees someone walking by (Ivana? Michele?) and follows. He smashes his head against a wall until his helmet-cam falls off, making sounds to appear as if he had been attacked.

*Fernando finds Michele at the triangulation point, while Joana hides in a nearby building. Ivana rushes in and says that Silas is going after the infiltrator. Eavesdropping Ezequiel's voice-recognition software identifies Fernando once he and Michele start talking. Silas starts shooting at them from the rooftop, but the manage to get away. Rafael finds Joana and Ivana, and warns them that Michele cannot be trusted, that she's working for Ezequiel now, but Ivana doesn't trust Rafael in his Processo Security uniform. Michele and Fernando rush in, and the episode ends in a standoff (as Ezequiel's computer identifies Rafael's voice).
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Does Rafael remind anyone else of Charlie Day, or is it just me? (Anyway, too sleepy to continue further tonight, though I'm in suspense as to what the repercussions will be now that Ezequiel knows about Rafael.)
posted by oh yeah! at 7:25 PM on April 27, 2018

OK complete tangent, but I am totally into Michele's costume design this season. The romper in this episode is fantastic.
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I noticed the romper too! And I even was digging Rafael's colorblock t-shirts.
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ahh this episode made so unsure of who to actually root for, but like I wanted to not root for anybody. I wanted both Michelle and Rafael to fail, because Michelle is being super selfish about her brother's well-being that she's willing to go along with fucking Ezequiel, who still makes my skin crawl, and Rafael is just so slightly less than competent and comes off as pathetic that it's just hard to root for him, even though he has great moments (the pretending to be slammed against a wall to get rid of his helmet-cam was pretty good, as was the shooting at the ceiling for the dust to bust the perp in the simulation). And I want to support the Cause, but after the lies from the Old Man to Michelle and now the willful bombing of innocents it's hard to agree with them.
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