3%: Chapter 07: Fog (Névoa)
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Fernando finds an unlikely new ally. Michele undergoes a mysterious procedure. A crisis leaves Rafael torn between Elisa and his mission.

*After a quickie in the showers, Elisa tells Rafael that she’s returning to the Offshore in a few days and wants him to go with her.

*Rafael visits Fernando in his cell again, tells him that he didn’t kill Ivana and isn’t a traitor, and asks him to use the radio he let Fernando smuggle in to contact Joana and tell her Rafael still wants to help end the Processo.

*Back at the RTC, Cassia puts Michele in a simulator chair and Michele finds herself walking through a fog. Cassia tells her to return to the memory of the first time she heard from Causa – it was at the abandoned BC bank, where Old Man Mario told her about Andre having died in his Processo. Cassia continues asking about who Michele saw, and eventually Mario’s face disappears from her memory.

*Joana is left somewhere tied up, and starts trying to gnaw through the rope.

*At the ARU registration station, Elisa assists the other tech (Iara) when she has a problem with a man’s chip – Elisa recognizes his face, and has a flashback to 6 months earlier when she noticed sleeping Rafael’s registration scar and scanned him to find that his chip showed multiple profiles. Later, she calls him by his real name (Tiago), and confronts him over having stolen his younger brother’s chance at the Processo. In the present, Elisa updates the man’s registration photo and passes him through.

*In the cell, Fernando tells Rafael about his plan to erase everyone’s registration data. Rafael thinks it’s a great plan and wants to help him accomplish it, though he knows nothing about where the registration data is stored. He goes to the ARU to try to glean some info from Elisa, and she tells him that she saw his brother earlier, that he had copied Rafael and stolen the chip from the next younger brother, and asks what will happen to the poor youngest of the 6 when his 20th year arrives. Suddenly, a Causa agent fires at Rafael in Ivana’s name. Rafael shoots back and kills him, and Elisa is wounded in the crossfire.

*Cassia asks Michele to remember the day Ezequiel died. Michele sees Marcela commit the murder, then runs away to the mirrored cell, trying to hold onto the memory.

*Elisa survives the shooting and again asks Rafael to come back to the Offshore with her. He boards the submarine with her, but then sneaks away while she is sleeping and returns to the Processo building, to Marcela’s satisfaction.

*Cassia continues trying to get Michele to forget Marcela killing Ezequiel. Michele hides in the mirror-maze of her mind to the point where the simulator loses her neurological signal. Then dream-Michele tells herself to wake up, and she does, and knocks out Cassia and grabs her gun. She makes it to Andre’s cell and shoots out the mirrored glass, and they embrace, then make a run for it. Cassia calls Marcela when she finds the shattered cell, and tells her the procedure was incomplete. Outside, Alina sees Michele and Andre skulking past, but says nothing to the passing security team. In the woods, Andre tells Michele to follow him to a place nobody knows about.

*In the cell, Fernando tells Rafael that he has overheard (on the radio, presumably?) that Joana is being held by militia who will kill her tomorrow. Meanwhile, Joan has bitten through the rope and starts her escape (though with her hands still bound behind her back). In a hallway, she falls back at the sight of a man with a cane who she recognizes, and says she must be in hell.
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I'm pretty sure the guy in the hallway is Marco, the candidate who was eliminated in Chapter 4: Gateway and presumed maybe-dead after getting crushed in the doorway, but didn't want to put it in the main post in case I got it wrong.

Glad for the tease of Alina maybe not being completely lobotomized. And I'm wondering if the secret place Andre knows about will be related to the mystery of 'The Founding Trio'.
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