3%: Chapter 08: Frogs (Sapos)
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Joana finds herself at the mercy of a figure from her past, Michele is led to a remote hiding place, and Marcela receives an unexpected invitation.

*Marco brings Joana back to her cell, and tells her Gerson is planning a public execution for her, electrocution via her registration chip. Marco recalls his crushing injury at his Processo, which cost him a kidney and both legs. He made his way back to the Alvarez mansion, but on seeing his son, turned away and went to Gerson asking to join the militia. He passed Gerson’s ‘tell me something true or a lie’ test, then won his ‘knock me down’ test by sticking live wires in the floor puddle and electrocuting everyone. Later, Marco brings Joana some water. She tries to convince him to let her go, that the Processo is the true enemy, and tells him about the walkie-talkie in her jacket.

*Michele and Andre flee through the woods. They pause when Andre is distracted by the vision of his mirror image. He tells Michele he was in the cell for 5 years. He has no memory of the murder of Eugenio, his mentor. Michele says the erasing of his memory proves his innocence. She realizes that Cassia can track them by their chips, and gives him a sharp rock to cut hers out, and she’ll do the same for him.

*Rafael radios Marcela asking to check out rumors of the militia execution. At Gerson’s, he bluffs that he is supposed to retrieve Joana for questioning. Gerson reluctantly agrees to hand her over, but they find an empty cell as Marco has already released her.

*Joana radios Fernando, who was shocked at Marco’s return from the dead (and jokes that maybe she’ll run into Agata next). He tells her to go to the frog basement and wait for Rafael.

*Cassia finds the abandoned registration chips, but continues pursuit based on the flying drones having detected movement by the lake. Andre leads Michele to a device of the Founders, which recognizes his retina scan, but he has forgotten what security code he entered in the keypad. Michele figures out that it’s an inverted N from when he was teaching her to read. They enter and find an underground bunker, with a room overlooking the sea.

*Gerson questions his men over Joana’s escape, and when he keeps Marco behind after no one confesses, Marco stabs him to death. He tells the militia men that he’s in charge now, and radios Marcela to meet him at House Alvarez so that he can give her important information.

*At the frog house, Joana finds Silas with more fertilizer, and realizes that he’s the one that sold her out to the militia. Rafael arrives, and when Silas goes to shoot him, Joana knocks him over. They fall into the frog pit, and while Rafael pulls her out to safety, Silas is poisoned to death.

*In flashback to years earlier, Marcela meets with Julia at the RTC, and shares with her that she also left a son behind Inland – Marco Alvarez. In the present at the Alvarez house, Marco greets his mother, and tells her he has learned of a new sabotage plot, and will help her stop them if she gives him a spot in Processo 105 to try again. She agrees to consider it. They embrace, and she removes his portrait from the wall.
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I was not expecting to see Marco ever again, got a laugh out of Fernando's reaction to his surprise resurrection. I thought the reveal about Marcela being an Alvarez worked well as a twist, especially as compared to the reveal about Fernando's childhood accident. A major coincidence, but it didn't feel like an unnecessarily implausible contrivance.

Fernando's ability to continue getting away with using his walkie-talkie unobserved in what should be a high-tech facility is kinda ridiculous, but at this point it's kind of baked in to the premise that the Offshore people only have massive surveillance tech capabilities when it serves the plot, so I try not to think about it.
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