3%: Chapter 09: Necklace (Colar)
April 29, 2018 4:56 PM - Season 2, Episode 9 - Subscribe

While Rafael, Fernando, and Joana forge ahead with their plan, Michele discovers a shocking secret about the Offshore's past.

*107 years ago, 2 years before Processo 001, the Founding Trio wake up together. In the bunker, they record a presentation for their investors – showing them the success of their data room, which is solar-powered and has an organic data storage unit.
*The father of the brunette Founder (Samira) calls to say that the original plan for Offshore must be scrapped, that the Inland water table has been catastrophically drained and the city is collapsing into a crater. He says that she can stay, but all the other scientists must evacuate immediately to make room for the investors/sponsors/owners of the Offshore project.
*The Trio halt the incoming submarine, and Samira demands that her father create an Inland unit in which their technology can be utilized for everyone. Later, the other two of members of the Trio argue that they will not leave the Offshore, and should attack Inland instead. They argue that the only way to keep the Offshore from being taken over by the wealthy elite is to destroy the electronic banking system. Samira objects, as destroying the power plant will shut down everything, including hospitals, but they are not swayed. Samira gets a gun and tells them to stand down, but Vitor grabs for the gun and Samira is killed in the struggle. Vitor and the remaining woman of the Trio destroy the Inland power plant remotely, and initiate an EMP blast that destroys all electrical devices.

*In the bunker, Michele and Andre watch the Founding Trios recordings, and find Samira’s skeleton. Andre remembers that he did all this with Eugenio back when he first discovered the bunker. When a horrified Eugenio wanted to reveal the truth to all and have the Offshore make reparations to the Inlanders, Andre smashed his head in with a Founding Couple statue. He tells Michele that the Founding Couple did what they had to, and so did he. After the murder, he confessed the truth to Marcela, who wiped his memory to maintain the fiction of Offshore superiority.

*Gloria tries to prepare for tomorrow’s Processo, but can’t stop thinking of Fernando.

*Rafael and Joana plot with Fernando on the walkie-talkie. Rafael says they must destroy the registration data at the same time both in Offshore storage and in the Processo building. Rafael sneaks Joana into the building inside a vitamin freezer, crossing paths with Marcela and Marco. Marcela says she expects an attack within a day or two.

*Gloria convinces the guards to let her see Fernando. She tells him that she wasn’t the one who turned him in, but he doesn’t believe her. Later, she convinces the guard that Fernando is just all talk, not actually Causa, and he has to antagonize the guard into not releasing him, so as not to blow the plan. Rafael enters the cell to pretend to threaten him for spitting at the guard’s face, and slips him the ring for bypassing security. The other guard lets slip that it was actually Fernando’s father who turned him in.

*Joana makes it into the air vents and walkie-talkies that she is in position. Rafael calls via the rings that he’s on the submarine to Offshore. Back in the bunker, Michele hears their conversation via the control panel. She sees a vision of bleeding Samira looking at her, and, taking the necklace from her skeleton, leaves Andre behind and exits the bunker.
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I've really been enjoying Rafael this season. That little wink he gave Fernando during the slapping scene was too cute.

Did anyone catch the Founding Blonde's name? If anyone called her by name, I missed it.
posted by oh yeah! at 5:03 PM on April 29, 2018

according to the wiki her name is Láis, but I didn't catch it either. I'm sure it's in the credits.
posted by numaner at 3:40 AM on June 9, 2018

according to the wiki her name is Láis, but I didn't catch it either. I'm sure it's in the credits.

Yeah, the episode imdb credits were pretty sparse when I was doing these posts, and outside of the core cast most of them are lacking headshots even now. (Plus, I find it risky to look too closely at imdb when I'm doing a binge-postathon, since the # of episodes an actor is credited with in the season can end up being a spoiler.)
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