My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 404: Michelangelo's Special Week
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This is a smart episode, full of smart stuff about art and science! You're gonna feel like you're back in school with an episode like this, because of how smart all of it is. Suggested talking points: Second Boy, Trash Juice, Yahoo Stock Tips, The Good Statue, Time Traveling Horse Advice, The Apple Sweetcrunch, King Hippo
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Not gonna lie -- I really do want to know how the wiener days passed for Michelangelo. It probably did not take that long, since the statue was designed to classical Greek standards in the matter, but the detail is exacting.
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This piece about David and the efforts to keep it from destruction is one of my favorite pieces of longform journalism:
The statue is gigantic: 17 feet tall, three times the size of an actual man, the height of a mature giraffe — another fact that no one had ever told me. I had always assumed, based on the images, that the David was life-size. To find otherwise seemed like a category error, like arriving at the Taj Mahal to discover that it is actually the size of a walnut.
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