Colony: Hospitium
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The Resistance Camp is put on lock making Katie and Will feel like they are in danger. Broussard questions Amy's intentions after she presents a risky plan.

+ some time in the past, pre-Contact

* MacGregor is at a diner with 'Man in Diner', discusses encrypted steganographic data hidden in transmission packets on 'the deep web'
* MiD reveals assassination/ people shuffling after that discovery was reported
MacGregor: "We're going up against a vast intergovernmental conspiracy. The most powerful people in the world betraying the rest of us."
MiD: "I got that from your website."
* MacGregor spews conspiracy theories and aliens, "Not who. What. ... The world is asleep on its feet. We're going to wake them up."

* MacGregor treks through the woods with a parabolic mic, headphones, and pseudoscientific claptrap, returns to a Nissen hut with mid '90s tech, a WWI era gas mask, and guns - lots of guns
* MG logs into the website 'Enemy Above' (http://www.home/3d3807ef308a or www.homef3d3897ef308a), makes another post
* after dark MG returns home to a wife, two daughters, and a son
* MG has been lying to his wife about his daytime activities
* in the middle of the night FBI agents raids MG's house/ bedroom, takes him into custody in cuffs
* in an interrogation room Scott Garland (? the future Greyhat officer? qv s03e01, who Alan runs to to complain about not being rescued) tells MG that he's in a world of trouble
* Scott does the 'we set you up to look like a pedophile with planted evidence' thing - whether the planted evidence really was legit MG's in the first place is raised

+ MG's camp, present day

* Will returns to his family's Nissen, clues a rapt Bram and Alan in on the RAP
* Watie compute 2+2=4 and exposit that RAPs are mechanical and the Teddy bear sized lizardy-looking biologicals are the RAPs enemy
Will: "You knew about this."
Alan: "I've heard rumours. There were a lot of rumours at the IGA."
* exposition:
Will: the RAP is claiming to be a war refugee against a relentless enemy and needs/ wants allies
Katie: RAPs view humans as slave labour
Alan: slavers have economic interests in protecting their slaves from third parties
Bram: so slavers are really the good guys! Yay!
* Watie are ready to go out and kick ass right now, Alan: "My unsolicited advice? Would be to tread very lightly in those waters. MacGregor's a man who likes to be in charge of the narrative."

* Watie are awakened by camp-wide alarms
* the (inert) RAP is brought out folded in a tarp, wired tight in chickenwire
* MG does a demagogic xenophobe speech, all of the 'Adults' see what's going on but most of the camp are under MG's thrall
* MG wants to kill/ destroy the RAP in custody, Katie and Vincent share their horror at MG's philosophy
* camp residents froth in response to MG, Bowmans+A 'significant eye contact': We need to get out of here, don't care about who's right/wrong, we get out of here

* MG sends for Watie, Will snarks, MG tries to politely re-establish dominance
* Watie tries to talk reason, MG is delusional and becomes less polite

* Bram snoops on a fertilizer bomb building operation

* Alan strongly advocates for leaving, prophesizes poor outcome to the RAP being destroyed
Alan: "Too smart is not my read on the man (MG)."
* Bram informs about the bombs
* Katie suggests recruiting Vincent for a coup attempt, Will concurs, Alan is incredulous

* Bram discusses the philosophy of 'enemy' with Katie, Katie military moms at Bram
* Watie has a clandestine meeting with Vincent, V has been blackballed for seeming lack of loyalty but willing to try to convince MG not to destroy the RAP/ Click
* Vincent apparently fails, the RAP/ Click is taken away, Alan informs Watie and grabs his go bag and a prop to get by a sentry
* Vincent visits with Watie, RAP is going on a train to Seattle with the fertilizer bombs
* Vincent regrets "things he's done" for MG, Will turns Vincent
* Bram snoops on the bomb detail, lights a fire for distraction, steals detonators

* Katie, Will, and Vincent move on MG HQ - walks into an ambush
* MG is disappointed in Vincent, remains delusional
MG: "That's right Vincent. You helped. Because you're a follower, not a leader. And now you're following these two."
* Vincent backs down, Watie are taken to the brig

* Alan is captured futily trying to find the stashed locator beacon, loses a boot

+ Broussard and Amy

* overlooking the wall around LA at the Golden Gate View Point
* Amy makes radio contact for an intermediate rendevous, B being his wary self

* Bamy continue North, encounters an armed defender while casing an auto scrap yard for loot
* the bona fides were how Amy screwed up a radio exchange a few months ago, there was no counter confirmatory tell
* Amy pushes for the location of The Camp, which has been radio dark for days, just barely passes a Persuasion skillcheck and receives it
* B is alerted by a startled kit of pigeons, books it with Amy, junkyard contact gets a sniper bullet in the head
* B spies a Greyhat, routes around, makes it out of the junkyard

* continuing North, B confronts Amy over her loyalties, B remains uncomfortable, Amy is spooked
* Bamy builds a raft for their packs to cross a body of cold water

* Amy encounters an airdropped pallet of propaganda flyers in the woods while gathering firewood
'New Seattle - A New Life Awaits in the Emerald City'
10 Great Things about Seattle
1. Protected Borders
2. Clean Water - Plentiful Natural Resources
4. Thriving Families
5. Outstanding Education System
6. Healthy Lifestyle
7. Economic Opportunity
8. Excellent Housing
9. Excellent Food
10. _____ Curfew
* B is unimpressed with the flyer, apologizes for confronting Amy
Amy: "I trust you too."

* continuing North, B finds Alan's boot, entrance to the now deserted and shot-up camp
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The Macgregor parts of the episode are a pretty good shot at conspiracy buffs. He is on the periphery of real danger but is just totally unequipped to be able to deal with it, and every time he tries to get involved he either ends up under a boot or making things worse.

Curious about Amy, some of the answers she gave seemed sort of evasive. I was surprised when Broussard more or less just accepted what she said, maybe he's letting the situation play itself out. Kind of wondering if she got caught helping those guys from last episode and ended up being flipped.
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I liked the treatment of MacGregor - the smiling, always with the smiling. I had a boss once like him, absolutely convinced he's in the right and it's 'my roof, my rules,' and 'think what you like but if you don't think my way then you've got to change.'

As for Amy, I think her backstory is that she got "soft recruited" to help out doctoring resistance members, then got sucked in. Without combat skills but high-value medical skills, she ended up being dispatch for the last cell rather than a field operative..

An opportunity when she could have been turned (iirc, another group couldn't accomodate B's two 'passengers' so I think Amy said something about putting them up for the night at Dispatch, but everyone dies [even the group that originally couldn't put up B's passengers?] except for her.

Can't see what leverage Greyhats would have on Amy, though. But I can see B's point of view re: Amy being so gung ho about delivering the news in person to The Camp. The Greyhats raiding the junkyard so coincidentally - could have been a prod to get Bamy to continue to The Camp, but Amy already had the coordinates in hand and could have given their position away to the Greyhats instead of escaping.
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This was interesting.

* I continue to like the depiction of MacGregor.

The Macgregor parts of the episode are a pretty good shot at conspiracy buffs. He is on the periphery of real danger but is just totally unequipped to be able to deal with it, and every time he tries to get involved he either ends up under a boot or making things worse.

Right? This explains why he's competent at what he's good at, but also why he can't possibly take this whole thing further. I thought that was a great use of flashbacks, particularly the feds outplaying him with horrible false charges. This kind of problem has always been at the heart of what makes Colony so great.

* Dunno what to make of Amy either.

I was leaning toward 'she wants the camp because she was tired of being on her own,' but I like that I don't know yet. Like.. she's made constant references to Broussard's isolation, and I felt like projection was going on, but maybe she has been flipped.

* Snyder freaking out about all this continues to amuse me.

I appreciate that he's so much more in tune with the dangers in this scenario than Will, being such a rat himself.
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* MacGregor

I'm not so sure that the child pornography was completely fake - I have a suspicion that there really was real child porn and that MG either made it or it was legit in his possession - the Feds just found it and used it as blackmail.

If it was trumped up child porn, I think that someone of MG's character would either be more puzzled or more outraged rather than resigned (exception: he fully believes in the deep state conspiracy and that the Feds routinely do underhanded stuff like this, so... maybe not?).

Also, I'm not completely convinced that MG is actually competent outside of being a demagogue, honed from his conspiracy theory days. But this partially contributes to his "engineers' disease" where he may be competent in one (or two) fields, then erroneously extrapolates that to all human endeavours.

* Synder

Yeah, absolutely - his survival instincts are tightly honed, being able to recognize in others what he is himself, but his physical competency is lacking.

I feel like there's a running gag of Synder carrying water (first the Masai thing at the cabin, then more hauling at the camp).
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