After El Ministerio del Tiempo... ?
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I'm enjoying watching El Ministerio del Tiempo with y'all. I've been watching it partially to help with my Spanish, and I'd like to find another equally addicting Spanish-language show to watch when we're through. Would anyone be interested in joining me? If so, does anyone have recommendations? Someone told me that Money Heist / La Casa de Papel was great, but I know nothing about it.

I'm also considering making set of vocabulary flashcards in Memrise as I go along.
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You should give La Casa de Papel a go- it's fun. It's not especially original and the acting is a bit over-the-top at times but it's fast-paced and has plenty of cliffhangers and twists to keep you wanting more.
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I'm in the same boat, and I was thinking Cable Girls could be next. (FanFare)
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I watched the first episode of Cable Girls and the start was very slow. The same person who recommended Money Heist also really enjoyed it though. I'd be up for it!
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I find that thriller/drama series on streaming don’t tend to lend themselves too well to episode-by-episode Fanfare discussion. Without some kind of genre/puzzle aspect, historical trivia, etc that Ministerio has, you’re left with not a lot to analyze or speculate. With a broadcast show, you can have a satisfying small thread of people just reacting to the drama and wondering what will happen next. But with a streaming show, unless someone puts in the effort to do write-ups for the ‘more inside’, it just kinda fizzles out or ends up full of “I forget which episode this was in, but” spoiler comments.

I mean, I’m curious about both of those shows, and have had Cable Girls in my queue for a while, so I would probably follow along if there is a planned watch. But, just saying, it can get tricky.
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But, just saying, it can get tricky.

Yeah, my track record on predicting which shows can support episodic posts versus entire seasons is not great.
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Part of the reason that episode threads work for El Ministerio Is probably the sheer length of the episodes. It's hard to binge watch due to time. I'm going to keep that in mind, and the other points mentioned above and peep into Spanish Netflix and see what I can find.
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I'd be down for Money Heist.
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I'm on vacation now, so I'll contemplate which of the two shows and whether we do episodes or some other methodology.
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I started Cable Girls, so I think for starters I'll contribute to infinitewindow's lonely post. (Thanks infinitewindow!!) But of course it suffers the eternal Fanfare problem of things only being visible when they are first posted.
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