Plus Ultra! (My Hero Academia Interest Post)
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Wondering if there's enough people watching My Hero Academia (currently available on crunchyroll [memail me if you want a guest pass]). If you don't know it's an anime about a superhero high school in Japan. It looks at themes of what it means to be a hero (and a villain) in a world filled with super powers.

I couldn't find any previous posts on FF about My Hero Academia, so I'm not sure if I would post as each new episode premieres on crunchyroll, or possibly make one post for each previous season, as I've seen done for other shows. Or, if there's not enough interest, should I post as part of anime club (not really sure how clubs work in relation to posts)?
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Anime series discussions are usually pretty low volume, but I'd say don't ask, just do it! I'll join in the watching! After getting back into FLCL, I realize I crave anime.
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I watch with my son and we enjoy it, but I think my contributions would just be along the lines of why does Deku care about Kacchan at ALL , and how is the school teaching them anything other than it's bad to be all in the same place together and told not to use their powers time and time again. We don't watch for the plot.
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The seasonal Fanfare Talk post seems to get all the conversation and it's generally seemed like we don't at least among those people have a critical mass of enough people to support a specific-show post, but if there's other people who are interested in BNHA, it's definitely one that I'm watching on a weekly basis. I guess the best format depends--are there a bunch of people who are current who'd like to be able to react as soon as the new eps go up? Seasonal seems like a stretch, at the same time, because the second season is a two-cour and I believe the third is going to be likewise, and that's a loooot of eps at once?
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Just FYI I think I saw this also on Netflix, but not sure if it has all the seasons.
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Adult Swim is showing it too- looks like sort of a teen inverse One Punch Man, but we'll probably give it a shot through ep 5 at least.
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Yeah. We've had dedicated watch threads for particular anime series in the past, but they haven't been all that active.

A query thread like this is good to poll interest for watch threads, because it's often just a couple people who carry each episode's discussion, with many more people either lurking or chiming in with brief comments but not a lot to say; and then once the series is over there are always some people who didn't know they could have chatted about the show here.

Add the anime_club tag to your show watch threads, and they'll appear in people's FanFare lists; that's another way to attract more attention.
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Yeah, a bit late. MHA is one of those that the first season was on Funimation and I didn't believe or care about the hype (another Naruto or One Piece or Fairy Tail etc). But the second season rolled around to Crunchroll and the got the first season as well so I gave it a try... still watching. Pleasant romp.

It's suffering from that same thing I just don't like about anime that go on past like 24 or 36 episodes... I like things shorter and tied up and done a bit more than the ongoing sagas. But it's still pretty good.
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