Mystery Science Theater 3000: THE BEAST OF HOLLOW MOUNTAIN   Rewatch 
June 14, 2018 2:39 AM - Season 11, Episode 5 - Subscribe

Rewatch! "Tyrannosaurus Tex-Mex," or "Mexican Dinosaurs Aren't Just for Tacos!" So much of this movie is just a standard Western, UNTIL....

Thanks to oneswellfoop for the Bullwinkle-style alternate titles!
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You're welcome, but you can just hold responsible my wasted childhood trying to keep accurate episode lists of a show with no opening title cards and the evil practice of embellishing end-of-episode cliffhangers with multiple title-based puns. It was the second-worst influence on me from the Bullwinkle cartoons, next to my pre-adolescent crushes on Nell Fenwick and Natasha Fatale.
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Tonight is the Rifftrax Space Mutiny live show and you should totally try to see that. If you can't, we're on hand with one of my favorite episodes from Season 11, The Beast of Hollow Mountain. The show starts tonight at 7 PM Eastern (4 PM Pacific) with a bad movie, then continues on to 9 PM Eastern (6 PM Pacific) with the MST episode. The show is, as usually right now, at
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I'm going to Space Mutiny!!!
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Movie needs more of old timer Billy Slater.
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Saw Trace and Frank again tonight. Recommended if you get the chance.
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What movie did they do?
posted by wittgenstein at 1:50 PM on June 17, 2018

The Neanderthal Man. Friday, they had done The Monolith Monsters.
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