Cargo (2017)
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CARGO is a post apocalyptic thriller and an emotional story of a father trying to save his child at all costs.

Originally a short film directed by Ben Howling and Yolanda Ramke (and written by Ramke), the pair expanded the film to a full length feature for Netflix.

Roger Ebert review
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I'm a big zombie fan, but I have high standards. I don't like every zombie work, but this one (and 28 Days Later) is really great. I really like that the characters weren't dumb, even though they didn't always make the best choices. This also seemed like the kind of zombie movie where, yes, the threat is people, it always is, but the big threat seemed to be the collapse of society itself more than the zombies. The zombies didn't seem very active unless you were very close to them. I think part of the horror of this one is that you could be doing totally fine in your houseboat and then BAM! it's all gone within 48 hours.

And that baby was a wonderful actress!

I'd also like to note that the filmmakers took great care to work with Indigenous Australians when making the film.
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Haven't seen this yet. I will give it a shot because the short was really great and I love a good zombie movie. But I have to say I never really saw anything in the short that suggested an opportunity to expand to feature length. And having seen the trailer, I don't really recognize much from the short beyond both featuring zombies, a baby, and Australia.
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And even if you're not interested in picking up a new series, please do watch the short. It caught me by surprise a few years ago, and it's *amazing.*
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I really liked this one. Seemed to have more emotional heft than the average zombie movie.
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MovableFest has a great interview with Yolanda Ramke and Ben Howling about turning their short into a movie, keeping an indigenous element to the story, the role of the emergency preparedness kits, and finding the amazing Simone Landers (Thoomie). Also, an interview with Martin Freeman by Rue Morgue.

I really liked this one. Seemed to have more emotional heft than the average zombie movie.

Agreed - great storytelling, great acting, low on senseless violence.
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I loved this movie and I am tired of zombies.
That says a lot.

Also, this movie does more to show a governments response to a strange outbreak than every other movie's deserted military positions and whatnot. The wrist timers and spring loaded spikes . . . gah.
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I am also sick of zombie films, but Martin Freeman lured me into this one and I really enjoyed it. In terms of setting/cinematography, it reminded me a bit of Wolf Creek with these beautiful but desolate vistas that really highlight how isolated and vulnerable these characters are.
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Having just watched the short, I will now watch the feature.
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I started watching it on Netflix but the child at risk was stressing me out. That's a credit to the filmmakers and actors -- even the small amount I watched was really good -- and I'll finish it on a particularly happy and relaxed day when it will seem like fun, not stress.
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