Forever: New York Kids
October 28, 2014 8:38 PM - Season 1, Episode 7 - Subscribe

The privileged founder of a free medical clinic turns up dead shortly after receiving the city's highest honors for his humanitarian efforts; Henry remembers being faced with a terrible dilemma.
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Another tease of Jo nearly seeing Henry die, but I really liked the way that scene looks so different from Jo's perspective than from Henry's (and the audience's).

It's funny, I was thinking that I like the rapport they've developed, and how I'm liking that it's not an UST-based relationship, but then I realized that it is a variation of the Moonlighting dance, that since the dramatic tension is based on the immortality secret, they don't need a romantic angle.

Loved that ascot, suit, sling ensemble Henry wore at the end. It was so over the top it made me giggle, but it was very pretty.
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Oh, and I was intrigued by Abe's comment to Henry about how he wasn't around when Abe opened the store. If we assume that Abe's accent is because the character grew up in New York (rather than it just being Judd Hirsch's only accent), and now we know that he went to Berkley for college and then fought in Vietnam before coming back to open the store. At what point did Henry leave to go lay low elsewhere and establish a new identity? And I wonder where Abigail's inevitable death will fit into the timeline.

(and scanning back through the episode to find Abe's line, I see that Henry was wearing that scarf in earlier scenes, just more unobtrusively.)
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Total side note: the police chief's lip treatment (dark lip liner, bright lipstick) drives me nuts.
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