Colony: Lazarus
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Katie suspects there is a dark side to her refugee work. Will finds work for Broussard and Amy in a Resistance operation. Synder is back at work for the IGA. Bram has a new job.

+ Podded Persons Holding Facility

* muscular young man runs through halls in a loincloth and big ID number back tatoo, until he vomits up green goo, is apprehended by a blackhelmet
* now I have a taser, ho ho ho
* precarious ledges, is scared back inside by a fly drone, is eventually outnumbered, "Outlier recaptured."

+ Seattle Colony

* Broussard and Will deep throats in a parkade
* bioweapon - against humans or RAPs? inquiring minds want to know
B: "Thought you might want to help with that."
Will: "Have you spoken to Katie?"
B: "I was guessing from the new job that she might not be receptive."
Will: deep thoughts "You have a plan?"

* Bwill go to Amy's assigned house, Bamy got in legit on Amy's MD
* B's de-shredded documents have IDed a target of opportunity, need wheels to surveil
* Bwill detail courier's routine, prepares plan to intercept
* Will literally bumps into the courier after work to draw out his security detail for observation

* Amy concerns at B: "Look, I don't know the guy, but I know the look. Seen it in every hospital I've worked in. Something bad happened to your friend. He's not handling it well."

* Katie jobs, confronts Michelle re: empty building, M blows her off
* undeterred K engages in some subterfuge, at the Colony entrance she steal's somebody's teddybunny, uses it as a prop to snoop, exchanges it for an old man, uses old man as prop to board bus
* in-bus announcement doesn't jive with the spiel Katie got when entering Seattle
* low score refugees are being bussed to "Portland"
* K confronts Michelle, Michelle is fully complicit and suggests K do the same, gives her the rest of the day off

* Bram attends Seattle Community Protection Academy, peddled soft policing
* after class hangs with Gracie, tries to sell her on moving to the North Shore with him
* Bram ♫ haaas a girrrlfriend ♫ (Meadow)
Gracie: "Am I normal?"
Bram: "No. You're the most mature 12 year old on the planet."

* impeccably dressed Alan is annoyed waiting for a meeting with Kynes, Kynes is a very annoying punch-through-the-keyboard typist
* Kynes pretends to be affable, Alan seeks advice - Seattle Protocol apparently isn't working as advertised in New LA Bloc
* Alan wants a visit, Kynes agrees to play tourguide
* Kynes reveals Seattle works because of incredible PR
* Alan claims the maths/logistics doesn't add up
* Kynes shows Alan a hydroponics lab where lettuce grows to maturity in 3 hours
Alan: "If I didn't know any better I'd guess this is our Host's technology."
Kynes: "It is."
Alan: "You stole it from them?"
Kynes: "They gave it to me."
Alan: "They gave it to you? And the IGA knows about it? ... What else did they give you?"
Kynes: "That's it. For now."
* Alan wants to meet a RAP

* waiting to kidnap the courier Amy grills Will
Amy: "How do you do that? Shut off the part of your brain that knows how crazy this is."
Will: "It either works out or it doesn't."
Amy: "I don't get it. I only have to worry about myself but you have kids."
Will: "Just do your job."

* Will spies Alan getting into a different car, tells Amy to run off to tell B to abort
* Will takes off, B carries out plan, murders everyone with Amy's help
* escape blown, Amy walks away with the courier case, B the other way

* Amy and B make it home safe, Amy's angry thinks Will is unstable, B's chill about the whole thing
* crime scene investigators 'professionals' - not mere Community Patrol
* courier case surprisingly easy to crack, contains a pristine sheet of uncannily clingy nano-chainmail and the bullet that it stopped
* B plays target practice outside with a garage silencer, Amy states the obvious

* Will sees Alan getting onto a speedboat headed out to the RAP HQ out on Blake Island

* Katie returns home

* Bram walks in wearing SCP uniform
K: "What are you wearing?!" ... "We should talk about this."
Bram: "We don't talk about anything!" ... "We need to fit in. And if I do well in the Patrol, Gracie can go to a better school."
* Bram meets Meadow at a cafe

* Will is having a shaken drink in the living room
K: "You ok? .. You were right about this colony. .. Something bad is happening. .. Did you know? Bram joined the Community Patrol."
Will: starts to leave, "Good for Bram."
K: "Please stay."
Will: sighs, leaves

* Alan winds down the day with a drink, makes a report via sat phone
* activates a bug jammer retrieved from inside his anti-perspirant, "Can you hear me over the jammer? ... He's in direct communication with the Hosts. ... He's hiding something, and I'm going to find it."

* Katie pretends to job

* Will pays B a visit, B's pretty pissed at Will
Will: "I saw Alan Snyder."
B: "Where?"
* B is suspicious of Will and Alan's history, Will is defensive, suggests kidnapping him
B: "What do you get out of it?"
Will: "When you're done I'm going to kill him."
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My bad - Amy got into Seattle legit, found a way to sneak B in.
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