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Netflix's 100% Hotter is "a make-under rather than a make-over show, targeting people whose style is so in your face you cannot help stop and stare while their family and friends squirm with embarrassment."
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I come to bury this show not to praise it.

This is basically Queer Eye for mean people. This review has it pretty dead to rights.

But if you're wondering, here's how it works: someone with an extreme/over-the-top style is nominated, comes on the show, and is mocked by the stylists then shown a montage of people on the street saying how bad they look and rating their looks out of 10 (very low ratings). It is explained to the person that the look they labor over and are proud of actually looks like shit and they should be ashamed of themselves. They are then given a more socially acceptable look, rated (this time much higher) by people on the street and sent back out into the world.

Some of the time--some of the time--the people have nominated themselves and are looking for tips on how to walk back an extreme style they don't have the skills/confidence to back out of on their own. (and to their credit, the stylists do right by these folks, by and large, letting them keep bits of their individualism even after the makeover). And a few "make-under" recipients seem just idly curious to see how the other half lives.

But there are also contestants like the "dolly girl" in the first episode who seem wounded to have their style picked apart and seem to have come into their unusual choices because of profound personal issues that can't be fixed with smoky eye and highlights. It's really hard to watch when they do that.

I suppose in the end, hate-watching is still watching but holy shit, this show is just wrong.
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(I didn't mention but I gather this is another "Netflix original" that is simply a show from overseas licensed to them for streaming here in the US.)
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This show is horrible, watched an episode because someone was talking about how shit it was. It's the worst part of the old era shows where they'd do makeovers and be mean to people, except this one is more mean and they don't even seem to care about helping anyone. It's just an opportunity to tear people down, buy them one ludicrous outfit they'll never wear again, and send them on their way. AFAIK most contestants don't even change, not that they really wanted to in the first place, nor does the show actually do anything to help them do a complete style change after the initial mocking phase. On top of that, the people who are on the show for makeovers usually do have some style that is itself hard to accept or look at -- but the hosts aren't any better. The show makes you think mean and the first place I go mean is that the mean hobo tom cruise last samurai guy is in need of a makeover himself. Followed by the woman who is entirely composed of straightbangs, if she were to get a haircut or brush her bangs to the side, she'd cease to be.

It's really weird to see this show keep popping up on netflix. That sort of show just seems so fucking 90s/00s it hurts, society should have moved on by now. I won't even watch queer eye or how not to dress or whatever these days, it's too vapid and horrible for these times, I like to think. Not to mention these shows all tend towards a type of fashion for the wealthy classes I am actually classist against, so that always gets me angry too. Fuck rich people, fuck meanness, fuck me for succumbing to meanness, and fuck whoever makes money from this show.
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Indeed it is terrible.
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Every last makeup job is inexplicably orange.
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> I won't even watch queer eye

Have you watched the new series? Because the new series is pretty good. I mean, it is still a television show so it's always going to be a bit shallow but I think it's coming from a kind place.
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