My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 412: Robocup
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Your body was destroyed in the attack -- but hey, don't sweat it! We've made it better with our inscrutable technologies. Faster. Stronger. Able to hold like, way, way more liquid. You're gonna LOVE it! Suggested talking points: Jurassic World Watch, The Jenga Situation, How Does Food Do It, Mystery Jamba Juice, Da' Wine, Nasty Disney World
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Anybody NOT looking around their environment thinking about What Am Food?
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It was a delight hearing them try to work out from scratch how taxonomy works. That segment should be played in biology and information science intro classes.
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The Kyle MacLachlan feint was fucking amazing.
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I'm so amazed that I ended up attending a Lost Live Show of MBMBAM! I know The Secret Goofs! I have heard the wonders of the Pickle Slushie. I am one of the few to know of the 2% joke, one of Travis's blink-and-you'll-miss-it puns that brought the house down. I contributed to The Great Kool-Aid Man Ontology debate, the resolution of which will never be published!

I'm also super bummed that the lost the Phoenix show, because I had been looking forward to revisiting it.
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pretty sure travis knew it was maclachlan's wine because he follows him on twitter, i immediately recognized it and i don't drink wine. i think justin may have suspected this and was trying to psych him out. i love the celebrity wine game and hope they try it out live, i think it would be kind of a barnburner.
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I have to share this here for you - this is an absolute delight and came out on the same date as this podcast: My Brother, My Brother, and Me but it's an Oscar bait movie
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That is a thing of absolute wonder!
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I know, it brings me so much pure joy.
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MBMBAM but it's a thriller is also very good.
There is also a horror version.
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