My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 413: Faster Car
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The current world record speedrun of this episode of My Brother, My Brother and Me is a tight 14:51, from runner FastDave69. Can you find all the skips and glitches you need to beat FastDave69's impressive time? Good luck! Suggested talking points: Boyhood Speedrun, Hotel Heist Participation, Divinity of the Burger King, Stranger than Fiction, Papa John's Duel, Donut Fries, Skipping Mario
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I was listening to this at work while making a cup of coffee during the Burger-King grace bit, specifically while Griffin is talking about his Ruth's Chris Steakhouse steak. When I leave the break room a bunch of co-workers are clumped around the admin desk and one of them shouts "Ruth's Chris steak house!" and I feel like maybe it's some kind of sign I can't ignore.
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Faster Cars fucking killed me.
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I was driving while listening to this, and pulled over during Faster Cars because I was laughing so much.
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I was sitting in a mostly empty parking lot listening to this before work this morning and during Faster Car while I was sitting there laughing my head off, an SUV dripping some kind of liquid in a trail behind it and pouring smoke from under the engine like it was seconds from catching fire sped by me and then on down the road, it was a weird rollercoaster of an experience.
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Using this current FanFare thread to ask my fellow MeFites whether anyone of you remembers in which MBMBAM episode Justin remarks on how they haven't been particularly funny up to this point in the episode (early on, 5-10 minute mark), but made a lot of 'half-jokes' (I think he calls it) and people are only feeling moderately entertained themselves and keep listening because the brothers seem to have a good time.

I know this is terrible vague, and I can't even give an exact timeframe (must have been an episode from 2016 or 2017, probably), but who knows, maybe I'm lucky and someone of you has a brilliant memory or listened to this episode just recently. :)

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I don't often laugh audibly when I listen to podcasts but Faster Cars killed me dead. I did laugh out loud. A lot.
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