Chapo Trap House: Episode 226 - Islands in the Stream (7/9/18)
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Matt, Will and Felix take a belated 4th of July look at why, in Axios' opinion, we should be proud to be Americans. We then examine Alan Dershowitz' floundering social life and discuss why he ACTUALLY should be ostracized from society. Finally, we turn from America's old decadent and depraved ruling class to its up and coming ruling class, who are decadent and depraved in confounding new ways.

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Line of the episode from Matt: "If you put every deadly sin in a bag and stuck it in a microwave you'd get Donald Trump"

In the last bit they talk a lot about the emptiness of rich people which reminded me of the most recent episode of Matt and Liz Bruenig's delightful podcast, where they talk about class mobility and how in liberals' minds the best case - moving up in class for a segment of people, requires one to annihilate their basic selves in order to fit in to their new surroundings. Link.
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After a while I was feeling sorry for Matt. He was getting more exasperated as everything went along.

The Alan Dershowitz story was wtf after wtf.
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i can't decide what is funnier: matt getting so angry and shouty you can almost hear the vein in his forehead starting to tear or matt so exasperated down that all he can do is groan quietly

either way, i completely relate
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