Chapo Trap House: Episode 224 - Cortez the Killer feat Trevor Beaulieu & Katherine Krueger
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Pulling at a thread from last week's episode, they look at a round up of panicked and outraged takes on how Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's victory will spell doom for socialism, doom for democrats and/or an all out race war, depending on which crank you ask.
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<3 this Virgil bit: "If you believe a market-based solution - an expansion, a moderate expansion of health insurance availability in the country is a radical left proposal, you're a baby. You're a dumb baby. I don't care what you believe, I don't need your vote, I don't want to talk to you. If I wanted to impress you or court you I would dangle my keys in front of you. You're a dumb, fucking baby. Fuck off!"
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Ugh I wish someone would explain to Will how Spanish surnames work.
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A few hours later and they could have another bit about libertarians, how the Pauls can't find a good libertarian intern who doesn't write or retweet nazi shit and make them look bad /s. That struggle has been going on for decades.
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some good matt rants in this episode
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some good matt rants in this episode

he almost doesn't stop!

Matt is my favorite (of course) but he's the worst offender for not letting guests get a word in
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