My Brother, My Brother And Me: MBMBaM 415: My Very Cool Telescope!
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This episode is chock-full of practical tips, like how to punish a bird, and how to defend the honor of your favorite telescope. If you don't use at least one piece of helpful advice from this episode at some point this week, we'll eat all three of our hats. Suggested talking points: Justin's Christmas List, Candy Life Lessons, Telescope Bullies, Hiker Surprise, How to Punish Birds, Hummus Cream, It Catches, Office Improv
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as someone who works from home and doesn't get out much, I was relieved to find that someone else takes undue pleasure in minor grocery store interactions
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This episode was a banger. I appreciated them all coming to the conclusion that Hummus Icecream might actually be good. I hope they follow through on getting it when they're in New York.
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I love the little-brother-with-big-brothers dynamic that came out, in that quick little moment where Griffin asks if he gets to be in the roleplay, and Justin sets him up with something. I love those tiny little moments like that!

Also, I have Batman Forever collectible cups, and I would indeed be so angry if a bird pooped in them.
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"Hummus ice cream might be good" was a great plot twist. I do love those moments where they enthusiastically fling themselves from one extreme to another.
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Reading the question, he misread "Hi, how are you" as "How high are you" and nobody remarked on it!
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That office improv shit had me rolling
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Hummus ice-cream sounds like something someone who has never heard of halva (and even halva ice-cream is already a thing) would come up with. Chickpeas are not a welcome addition. You can tell this from the fact that, if any Levantine recipe has even the tiniest place for chickpeas, it will have chickpeas. This seems like reinventing the wheel, "only this time it's square!".

Obviously I hope that the boys do sample it and prove me wrong. If they do I will attempt to prepare a tasty hummus ice-cream.

Good episode!
posted by howfar at 2:44 PM on July 22, 2018

I’m listening to it again and I think Justin makes a very accurate and astute observation that people are actually just writing to them to “take a little bit of the load off” of just being aware of these situations on their own. It’s hard to be the only person who knows about a weird, awkward, difficult situation. So if you can tell someone else AND they can poke fun at it WITH you that is the best thing. I think this issue is also at the core of why their live show questions are kind of hard to listen to sometimes. bc people are just standing up there saying “Know about this situation with me” and this is an exchange of emotional labor which can be awkward to see play out in real time.
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