The Legend of Korra: The Calling
October 24, 2014 6:51 AM - Season 4, Episode 4 - Subscribe

Team Tenzin Kids, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo, set off on their mission to find the missing Avatar, Korra. In the course of their travels, sibling friction arises and patience diminishes. Meanwhile, in the great swamp Korra's own patience with Toph begins to erode as the Melon Lord adopts a less than urgent approach to helping Korra with her problems. Also, a flying lemur eats its own vomit.

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My kiddo and I now have a ritual of getting up early on Fridays to watch this before school on Amazon.

Ikki was about to totally Black Widow those Earth Kingdom guys, until Jinora and Meelo spoiled it.

Also, yay for random side-character comedy, always a plus. You can see how those two Gomer Pyles ended up in the boonies.

Toph is surprisingly well-informed on world events as they relate to Korra. Does the banyan act like a news feed?

"Don't you remember when Meelo was nice?" "No."

My prediction that Meelo and Toph would get along, confirmed! Though I was hoping she would kick his ass a little as is clearly needed.

Pepper the air bison!

"Avatars sure need a lot of hand-holding."
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Haha, I was hoping Toph would go back to Republic City w/everyone too. I guess not, she seems to be happy at the swamp atm. I'd love to see a reunion sometime before S4 ends though.

Meelo's conversations were great and I liked how he kept his unique personality even as he's slightly older now. The two week trip now looking back is OK w/me as long as everyone is together and safe. Not many battle scenes for this episode so I'm curious if the next following will be more combat-focused w/Korra back to herself.

And another example of Kuvira is extremely self-sufficient considering she's almost united the entire Earth Kingdom on her own.
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This is what I would call a pivoting episode, that is, the events happened for the purpose of wrapping up one part of the storyline to prepare for the start of another. In this instance, concluding Korra overcoming both her fear and trauma from the past villains and the physical (and spiritual) handicap the remaining metal in her body caused her, and preparing for Korra to eventually confront Kuvira, who's planning to bring Zaofu under her thumb boot heel.

I enjoyed it, but it definitely was overshadowed by the last episode.

The writers decided to address everyone's concerns about the Tenzin kids' ages by straight up making the Aang Gang connection, and by the way Meelo and Jinora took down the Earth Empire soldiers, I don't think Tenzin was wrong to believe his kids could take care of themselves.

There was a fun flashback to Tenzin in Book 2, attempting to meditate and being interrupted by Bumi with Ikki pestering Jinora. Apparently, though, Jinora's spiritual powers have grown in the last three years, as she confidently believes that she will be able to locate Korra in the great galactic spiritual phone book within a day or so. The point that she seemed to also be landing at spiritual hot spots also kind of was a throw back to Tenzin's attempts to meditate, as well.

Meelo....I can't get over whether I find his bombastic personality incredibly fun or annoying (I take Jinora's side in this), but I do find his large head kind of disturbing! "We will hunt for our food!" "We're vegetarians, we don't hunt!" Hee. I had to appreciate the subtle aspect of Meelo complaining to Ikki about running off the love of his life and then tossing the flower she had given him away in exasperation. And what about the art? I know I'm pretty much a doodle artist, but great, some elementary school kid wipes my butt in sketching. Thanks, Meelo!

Jinora did her Jinora thing, breaking out of her more calm and peaceful demeanor only when the sight of Korra, both spiritually and physically excited her. She's definitely grown up some and had a little bit of Katara's motherly demeanor from ATLA.

Ikki, who probably has one of the worst names ever for a girl, especially one with a little brother willing to to tease her, was I think the primary focus for the children. She kind of suffers from the middle child syndrome of getting no respect, but is entirely competent. She also finally gave us the Flying Squirrel Suited Air Bender Flying After the Flying Squirrel/Sugar Glider moment we have all been asking for (haven't we? Maybe just me?). Her manipulation of the Imperial soldiers was awesome, from her coolness to the point where she nonchalantly pulled her arms up out of the rope to point at the map.

One of the great aspects of ATLA and Korra are the side characters. Characters who you will see maybe for a few minutes at most, and almost definitely, never again. The creators infuse these characters with personalities and substance and the end result is a world that breathes so much more than almost any other fictional world out there. This is true for the soldiers and the flower girl in this episode.

ATLA was also mirrored again by a group of three on an air bison being pulled down into the swamp. I do wish that Meelo's fart bending could be quietly retired, even if it's in character. Meh! It was also not the last time, either, that Aang's visit to the swamp was replicated and that concerns Korra and the Banyan Tree.

The swamp continues its vision inducement with Korra getting a nice encapsulation of the three villains who have caused her the most pain, fear, and suffering. It's temporary and she's left to ponder them over on a large root until she's joined by Toph who pretty much lays out why our final season is called Balance. Amon wanted equality, Unalaq brought spirits back, and Zaheer believed in freedom, but they were all imbalanced and went too far. Now Kuvira, who fervently believes in uniting the Earth Kingdom/Empire and creating a better world through technology and innovation has become imbalanced. It is the Avatar's duty, or should we say, "calling" to restore balance to the world. Korra immediately doubts herself and Toph scolds her for having lost her connection to the world and takes her to the Banyan Tree.

Banyan trees have religious importance in Hinduism, as have trees in general through out the world. Buddha found enlightenment under a tree (not a Banya, tho') and awakened to the Four Noble Truths, which involved recognizing suffering in the world, why it happens, and what is need to stop it (this is an extremely bad simplification - cause hey, my world religious class was years ago!). Now we have Korra under a giant spiritual tree, one that is connected to the world, where she is made aware of its connection by Toph, who had also explained to her about our Villains who caused suffering, and the cause of it was imbalance. The only way for Korra to stop this imbalance is to let go of her fears and this is done, in part by removing the remaining poison from her body. (It can be pointed out that in the ATLA episode, The Swamp, Huu, a swamp bender, claims to have found enlightenment under the same tree).

Huu had this to say, "In the swamp, we see visions of people we've lost, people we've loved, folks we think are gone. But the swamp tells us they're not. We're still connected to them. Time is an illusion and so is death."

In this case, Korra connects with some one she thinks she's lost, herself as the Avatar and Raava. In a physical sense, she also reconnects with her present by seeing Meelo, Ikki, and Jinora, who represent the life she created when she first arrived in Republic City and assumed the mantle and duties of the Avatar. As an extra bonus, as part of her connecting with the tree, Korra has the exact same experience as Aang, when she touches the root with the flash of spiritual energy that accompanies the touch.

With Team Tenzin's Kids present and requesting help, Korra finally agrees that she's ready to return to being the Avatar and before a fire, is required to withdraw the poison from her body. In front of a blazing fire, which as Iroh mentioned in ATLA, is the element of Power, Korra finds the power to overcome her fears of Zaheer and pain, and draws the poison out of her arms, bead by bead. I could be wrong, but I think she withdrew four beads of poison, which could be construed to represent the three villains she has faced and the villain she will face. Toph, like a good environmentalist, seals the poison in stone, permanently locking them away.

I have to admit, seeing Korra cry/smiling when she saw the kids got me a little choked up, as well. Ahem. Well. It made me aware of how dusty my room was when I was watching. Something like that.

Other relevant information, Kuvira is moving on Zaofu. I would be willing to guess that this will be the event that drives Bolin off the TechnoFreedom Train, as unlike the rest of the formerly shattered Earth Kingdom, there's nothing to be fixed in Zaofu. There's no hunger, there's no poor or mistreated, and in short, there are no justifications for Kuvira's actions other than plain ol' power and control. Pokey eating his own vomit. Didn't Momo do that once? Is Pepper related to Blueberry Spice Head? Rohan is apparently being babysat by Pabu, as we saw neither, while we know both are on Air Bender Island. Korra's photograph on the fish shack, forced smiles never look good! Hopefully she will swing by for another.
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The fish-shack photo being helpful was a nice plot touch.

"Do we even still have an Avatar?"--guy at bar.

The kid and I both wondered if Meelo really drew that portrait or was just trying to impress the girl. Meelo is definitely going to have to give up fartbending if he wants to be a ladies' man.
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I think the only thing more painful than someone asking if the Avatar still existed would be to say, "Isn't that Kuvira now?"
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Meelo....I can't get over whether I find his bombastic personality incredibly fun or annoying

It's annoying here, not because it has to be but because they leaned on it too heavily. One-note performance is one-note.

Fun indeed to see Ikki get her animal familiar and really shine for the first time. The subtlety of reverse interrogation very much becomes an airbender.
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What I particularly loved about Ikki's entire thing with the Earth Empire guards was when she so effortlessly just lifted out her arms from the ropes. Like "Lols, I could've gotten out any time, but whatever, let's eat macaroons and talk about how annoying it is to get left behind!"

And although I was hoping for Blueberry Spicehead, Pepper is an adorable name for a sky bison, and she has freckles! On her nose! Awwwwww!

I figured Korra would get her Luke Skywalker in Dagobah moment, and it was definitely this episode. But I do like how they went with it, especially with Toph pointing out that all three villains actually had points that were important and were right. Equality. Spirituality. Freedom. These are all things that the Avatar must bring to the world, and while she was busy learning her way, they were doing it all wrong. But she's older, and wiser, and she's faced them, and hopefully she can bring those things now, bring them to end what Kuvira is doing.

Because, dude, those Earth Empire dudes were protecting a clear-cut wasteland. Kuvira isn't just strip-mining for metal or letting Varrick do god-only-knows with spirit vines, she's clear-cutting swampland and I'd bet there's even more being done around the Earth Empire. And I really think a major reveal this season will be about that - about how there doesn't just need to be moral and spiritual balance, but also ecological as well. That the entire world is on the brink of technological wonders, and they need to figure out how to balance technology and nature.
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Atreides, I have to complement you. Each week I look forward to your comments on the latest episode.
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Because, dude, those Earth Empire dudes were protecting a clear-cut wasteland. Kuvira isn't just strip-mining for metal or letting Varrick do god-only-knows with spirit vines, she's clear-cutting swampland and I'd bet there's even more being done around the Earth Empire. And I really think a major reveal this season will be about that - about how there doesn't just need to be moral and spiritual balance, but also ecological as well. That the entire world is on the brink of technological wonders, and they need to figure out how to balance technology and nature.

Yeah, they've mentioned metal mining more than once. You'd think Earthbenders could mine in a responsible way, but maybe they don't care, and are just using their skills to more effectively cut off mountaintops and kill streams and all the rest of it.
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I do not like Meelo that much, so I'm glad this didn't turn into "The Ransom of Red Chief."

More far-seeing with the banyan tree. I think Kuvira has designs on the swamp, maybe as a surveillance hub. Perhaps the clear-cutting is a result of mech training for an invasion.
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Well, if we want to see more Toph, then designs on the swamp (whether vine-specific plotting or balance destroying clearcutting) would be convenient for the viewers. :)

Also: The Five Duties of The Avatar.
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"Only the avatar can master the four elements, and bring balance to the world"

It's not a this-therefore-that statement. It's two separate things, apparently.
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Preview Clip for Episode 5 is up.
posted by weston at 10:45 PM on October 28, 2014

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