The 100: The 48
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Picking up right where last season left us: 48 of the original 100, including Clarke, are in Mount Weather and meeting the people there. Meanwhile, many adults are now on the ground, Bellamy has a Grounder situation to deal with, and Octavia and Lincoln are off on their own.
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A lot definitely happened in our season premier. Our 48 are dropped in what equates to civilized humanity on Earth as we might recognize. I loved how the artwork masterpieces are spread throughout the building, including Clarke having a Starry Night in her own cell. One thing that stood out for me with the Mt. Weather clan (as I will call them), is the frozen state of existence they live in. They are the same people who fled into the mountain complex to survive a nuclear exchange (which oddly had plenty of time to store away all the great masterpieces of art, among plenty of supplies to last three quarters of a century in terms of manufactured items, etc). Their clothes is slightly out dated and definitely worn, as if they do not know how or cannot perceive of creating new clothes. It's as if they want time to simply remain the same in the mountain as it was when they first fled there. The clothes is recycled, as much as their blood, as we saw with Maya getting her blood treatment.

The President, played with the delightful mix of warm and creepy/threatening grandfather, sets off all types of alarms. The Mt. Weather clan definitely has ideas on the 48, which might perhaps be introducing them into the genetic family for the purpose of A) helping avoid incest and more importantly, B) introducing the genetic changes within the 48 which allowed them to survive the radioactive conditions outside the facility. It's really the only way that their population can survive without going all Moorlocky. So I suspect that's the main motivation.

With the populace of the Ark now on the ground, we kind of have this cool setup of societies. We have the slightly futuristic society of the Ark populace, the presentish day group of the Mt. Weather Clan (MWC!), and then the tribal society represented by Lincoln's people and others. And, apparently, one mutant person guy dude. Whoa.

Going back to the Ark Society, it's going to be interesting to see how the other 62 (minus all the ones who have died since landing and after the battle) will accept the reassertion of authority by the adults. It was distinctly a slap in the face to have what's his name arrested for jumping on the other dude. Ark Society will get the opportunity to reevaluate their laws, in which pretty much everything was penalized with Death. A growing population doomed the Ark Society in space, while a growing population will ensure survival on earth. How soon will they realize that? Hopefully pretty quickly.

The names of about two-thirds of the characters are still fuzzy after the break, but I definitely enjoyed this episode and everything they setup. Also, the typo on the wall in the Lincoln Memorial, the shame is now finally erased.
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I think Clarke is seriously one of the best characters on TV right now. She was amazing this episode, relentless. I like how she decided that Mount Weather was like Hades, and if she ate their food she might become trapped. Her reaction to actually trying some it was good, as was the president watching her closely.

His attempts to manipulate Clarke aren't working so far- the oil paint on his hands during their first meeting was surely not accidental. It's a reasonable play, he's assuming that as the leader if he can win her over the rest will follow completely. Although we haven't seen anyone but Clarke raising a fuss, so maybe that's not really needed. I wonder how long he will keep trying to win her over, whether there will come a point where he decides it's not worth it and the stick will come out to match the carrot.

It's also interesting to me that we're keeping the structure of having our kid cast and our adult cast separated, with some adjustments to who's in what group.

Is Jaha going to have a plotline still? That seems odd.

"I would have shot me too"

Glad to see I'm not the only one watching this show. It's really, really good. I will however, mourn the lack of a season 2 for the CW's other sci-fi offering Star-Crossed, which I found equally delightful.
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This show meets my teenage angst in a post-apocalyptic world with sci-fi swirled in needs pretty perfectly. I was actually intending to throw a post up today and was delighted to see I was beat to the punch!

"I would have shot me too" - I wonder if they plan to rehabilitate his character further to keep him around or if it's more of a temporary measure before they off him or something along those lines.

As for Jaha, I quite enjoyed Isiah Washington's role last season. As for his character, I've read nothing but mixed messages. Ending with the baby crying set off my WTH?! meter to the max. Is he hallucinating from the drop in air? Is there, some how, a baby still on board the only part of the Ark still in space? If it is, then he's somehow finding a way down to the planet. If it's in his head, he's a goner. I will say, I'm still surprised they killed off his son. That came as quite the surprise.

Clarke is definitely growing as a great character. Compare her to herself when they first landed and the differences would be many.

"Only warriors speak English." - Lincoln. That's interesting and odd. It sounds like the language that's spoken by everyone else is a pidgin or evolved dialect of English. How many other cultures had a warrior class that spoke its own language? Is it just one more tool that the warrior class has found handy to keep around?
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The whole time I wanted to scream 'soylent green is people!' to those kids, but I guess they'll learn in a few episodes.
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Yeah, I was actually really surprised they killed off Wells and for the reason they did. I was anticipating a Finn/Wells/Clarke triangle, not the Raven sitch that happened. I'm actually really glad about the Mount Weather folks existing though and being so relatively fine - I have always thought that the Ark's insistence that not a single human survived irritating and blind, and especially when it comes to super-safe storage areas designed to last through nuclear bombardment.
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I'm glad we're keeping the fanfare threads open so folks like me can still leave their thoughts on individual episodes.
I'm on my first watch through and it's striking to me how quickly they expanded the universe in this plus the last two episodes of season 1: reapers, mountain men/the Mount Weather clan, this heavily mutated guy... it'll be interesting to see how they'll come into play later on.

Although the "big evil" this season seems to hint towards the Mount Weather clan; while the arrival of the space grownups will provide the necessary in-group drama and tension for our survivers of the 100 (at least those that are on the outside).

I also wonder what happened with Anya.
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Okay, so I finally got to this on first watch myself. Well, if I had to pick a society in this crapsack world, Mount Weather at least has chocolate and everyone isn't 100% covered in blood at all times! Though Clarke is gonna lose it being penned in there. Her tan really stands out with these people. Poor traumatized Maya.

I wanted to LOL at the adults suddenly being all, "we're in charge, we have laws, you're going to jail for that." Schyeah, right. You left these kids alone on a planet for however long that was and now you think you can just ride in on your two-headed horse and have things go back to the way they were? Bwahahahaha, no. What are you gonna do, float everyone on the ground?

I don't think I like the idea of having the cast fractured into so many factions this season. That sounds annoyingly confusing.
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