Colony: Bonzo
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Will and the outliers must save figure out what to do re: Kynes from Snyder's IGA force.

+ Conference Room in a Highrise

* Kynes, Morrow, and Mignola (?) view video of One, Two (Iranian), and Invisible
* there are 400,000+ Outliers and counting
Kynes: "That's not going to be enough."
Morrow: "Nope."
* One and Two were only the second 'field test,' the Kynsies wants more data, to develop a weapons program
* Kynes: "Do you want humanity to survive this war? Then we need to speak to the side that's going to win."

* Kynes suits up in a jumper and respirator, approaches a captive Bio
* crazy mind anomaly effects, Kynes staggers out of the containment cell
11h 47m 44.39745
+00o 48' 16 395..

in silver light on his forearm

+ Seattle Colony

* Adam Ford leads an armed squad in two SUVs, meets and escorts Kynes
* IGA troops are thick on the ground, escape is improbably, Kynes doesn't want to leave anyway
Kynes: "I've built the command bunker for rainy days just like this." (located in Bellevue)
* squad is intercepted at a checkpoint, Ford leads Kynes away on foot, squaddies providing meatshields
* they carjack a SCP patrol van, SCP recognize Kynes, cooperates willingly
* entering through a highly secured building, they wend their way into the basement past an armoury
* behind a vault door is a techbro bunker (not in Bellevue)
* Kynes plans to call some Outliers to rescue them

* Scott Garland is apparently demoted back to Lt.
* Allan suspects something is up in Bellevue
* network resistant to being fixed, Alan suspects Kynes has alternate communications

* at BowmanHQ, Will's - but not Katie's - phone spontaneously unbricks
* Katie speculates it's Kynes' doing, "Or maybe its a deathtrap. The kids are in bed. I'll come with you.", writes a note
* Watie is stopped at a checkpoint, Will pretends to be a taximan, Katie flashes her SRMA badge, Will shows some paperwork
"Let them through."
* Watie meet Bamy at AmyHQ, no one else's phone is up yet
* gang discuss whether its a Kynesignal to start a war or an IGA ploy to round up Outliers
* the boys start to leave, Katie: "I'm going with you."
* Amy backs Katie, is willing to housesit at BowmanHQ, move the kids if/when necessary

* gang shows up at Pike Pine Gym, audio of Kynes speachifying through everyone's phones
* Kynes reveals his true plans of uprising against IGA
* gang debates whether to believe Kynes
Katie: "So do we believe?"
Will: "Yes."
B: "You wanna believe."
Will: "You don't."
B: "Of course I don't. But men in ____ power tend to have short life expectancies."
Will: "If this was a trap, they'd have rounded us up already and up the building. Look around man, this is a movement. We have to throw in with someone eventually or what are we doing?

Outlier Dave: "You guys in?"
B: "Yeah."
* Dave fills gang in on situation, B promises Amy's services, everyone "in" should return kit-ed up before daybreak
Katie: "We need to talk to Bram before we do anything."
Will: "Sure."

* Whiskey 82 (Bram) is awoken by his SCP comm, all hands on deck
* sees Katie's note, casually crumbples and trashes it
* work is abuzz, "There's been a change in leadership in Seattle. Everett Kynes has stepped down as governor. The IGA has stepped in to handle the transition to make sure it goes smoothly. As officers of the Seattle Community Patrol our jerb is to do anything to help. ... You will all be issued... new sergeants."
* Greyhats shove their way into the room, SCP grunts not amused
* Sal and other leadership is firmly led away, "We're going to try to make this as painless as possible. Thank you all for your continued service."
* Bram seathes

* Greyhats not gentle manhandling SCP sergeants, Sal is brought to Alan
* Alan denounces Kynes, states Sal is an 'agent of the rogue state'
Sal: "I'm just a Public Safety Officer, sir."
Alan: "Even that were true, do you think we care?"
Sal: "... What do you want from me?"
* Alan mentions two SCP officers' abettment of Kyne's escape, Alan reads Sal the riot act
Scott: "He knows."
Sal: "... Knows what?"
Alan: "He may look like a Doberman but Mr. Garland is verrry smart."
Sal: "My allegiance is to the IGA, sir. Not Kynes. Tell me what you want, and I'll do my best to provide it."
Alan: "I want to know where Kynes went."

* WatieB returns to a fretting Amy at BowmanHQ, Katie nuzzles Gracie
* B updates Amy, begins an intense private conversation
* Amy assumes B is in hog heaven with a crew of Professionals, B tries to recruit Amy for fieldwork
* B presents IGA as bad guys against Kynes
B: "I handle the shooting, you handle the repairs."
Amy: "You believe Kynes is worth the risk?"
B: "Only so much damage one man with a gun can do. The balance is ever going to shift in the Resistance's favour, its going to be because of a man like Kynes. Wouldn't ask you if I didn't need you."
Amy: "Ok."

* Will kits up
Katie: "We need to wake up Bram together. Tell him what's going on."
Will: "No. We don't."
* Will sets his foot down on Katie participating, is a massive jackass, B backs Will, Amy excuses herself
Katie to B: "You are unbelievable.", stalks outside
Katie to Will: "I have been fighting this occupation a lot longer than you have."
Will: "What are you doing?! Why do you want this?!"
enraged Katie: "Because they turned me into a collaborator! I went to work in that refugee camp because I needed to help people. And they exploited that and I have got to make that right."
Will: "Give all that to the kids. Make it right by being there for them. They need you!"
Katie: "They need you too!
Will: sigh "They're better off without me.", turns away, enters car with Amy, B
* BWAmy drive away

* Bram returns home, finds Katie asleep in an armchair in the living room, turns away and heads upstairs
* Bram notes Will is gone, checks up on Gracie, wakes her up
Bram: "Wake up, it's time to go."
Gracie: "Where?"
Bram "Another war is starting and it's not safe here."
Gracie: "Where're mom and dad?"
Bram: "I have someplace we can go. Trust me, ok?"
Gracie: "I trust you."
* Bram helps Gracie pack, Gracie sees Katie sleeping
Bram: "C'mon, lets go."
* Gracie obliges

* the two Kynes' collaboratin' SCP kids are brought to Alan, Alan badmouths Kynes, Scott physically menaces
Alan: "... and I had a very illuminating conversation with Sgt. (Sal) Barnes. How quickly he sold you out. ... You're gasping when you should be speaking. ... That not going to help you or your friend.
Boy SCP: "They said, they said they were going somewhere. ... Someplace named... Bonzo."

* Scott returns, "We found Bonzo."
Alan: "So that's a thing?"
Scott: "That's codeword for one of Kynes' black sites."
* Alan orders capture or termination

* at Pike Pine Gym there is a forrest of firearms and buckets of ammo and first aid, all going into magazines and pockets and duffle bags
* B hands amy a loaded automatic pistol
* B confronts Will, "Before we go out there, I need to know the straight. ... You want to hurt yourself, that's your deal. But I can't let you do it here. ... I know what I'm looking at Will."
Will: "I'm at peace with things.", walks away

* Outliers, lead by Dave with Will and B on point storm Kynes' techbro bunker with help from bunker surveillance
* IGA is on scene
* B's detachment contacts Kynes and Ford, start moving out, gunfire continues to sound inside building
* pointman (Ford) goes down, B and a squaddie clear and proceed
* Amy tries to treat Ford, B: "Leave him. He's gone."
Amy: "Let me work."
B: "I said leave him!", Amy complies
* B assumes Kynes' protectorship, Kynes thinks his extra 12+1 1911 is going to be material help
* Bamy's crew runs into bloodied Will and crew including Dave walking down the hall, Kynes suggests an egress route
* Will: "We'll keep them busy.", B eyebangs Will's sense of reason/ survival, hands over his rifle and extra magazine
Will: "Meet you at the rally point."
* B connects with Dave, "You guys (entire Outlier team) come with us."

* Will redlines it alone

* Dave's Outliers engage in a firefight with Greyhats in the parkade
* Kynes is stretchered, and ambulances, which escapes

* Katie wakes up with her boots on, to a fire still crackling, phone's still dead
* Gracie's not in her bed, nor Bram
* Katie grabs her coat, leaves

* Sal returns to (his) home, finds Bram (and Gracie)
Bram: "I didn't know where else to take her."
Sal: sigh "You did the right thing."

* Alan walks through the battlezone hallways, Greyhats in tow, Adam Ford is certainly dead
Alan: "Where's Garland?"
* Scott testifies to Kynes' immenent death, Alan is unimpressed
* Scott snarks about Outlier capabilities, Alan plays along, expresses continues conifidence in Scott

* Amy does trauma surgery

* Seattle Colony hears sirens again, Will walks out of the facility

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Still can't figure out Bram.

Will's PTSD/ Deathwish has got to come to an end. It's not well done (by Josh Holloway nor the writers).

I know it's 2018 (and not 2016) but the fallout of the writers writing Will literally cock-blocking Katie is aggravating especially since the show hasn't shown breakdowns in social advances since Contact.

I'm kinda surprised that Kynes might actually be a protagonist (or at least the gang thinks that's a possibility) especially given Kyne's character flaws that were made available to the viewers.

B's change of mind (and the lightning quickness) was pretty shocking. His talk with Amy made it make a bit more sense/ plausibility.

Would Kynes give up "stewardship" of humanity if humans won/ survived? Like, allow free and open elections and recuse himself from rulership especially from behind the throne/ shadows?

Interesting to see if the show gets up all in the politicals before ending/ being cancelled. Would be a far different show, though.

Looking forward to the season finale.
posted by porpoise at 8:11 PM on July 20, 2018 [1 favorite]

Still can't figure out Bram.

I think Bram's lost faith in his parents after Will let Snyder go. Not only did that indicate Will's way off track, they also tipped their hand about being in Seattle, which means that Will and Katie are going to be tracked down at some point.

Given all that, Bram's best move is to cut and run. Given that he couldn't escape Seattle even if he wanted to, he just went where he felt safe. It's a bad plan, but a better plan than just waiting to get scooped up.

Will's PTSD/ Deathwish has got to come to an end.

Yeah, not really buying that either.

I know it's 2018 (and not 2016) but the fallout of the writers writing Will literally cock-blocking Katie is aggravating especially since the show hasn't shown breakdowns in social advances since Contact.

I do wish he'd just gone with 'all those trained people won't want you there' instead of 'I don't want you there.' That felt out of character, if only for being so sloppy.

I'm kinda surprised that Kynes might actually be a protagonist (or at least the gang thinks that's a possibility) especially given Kyne's character flaws that were made available to the viewers.

I suppose from a dramatic point of view, the Bowmans had to catch a break sometime, even if it didn't last. Like... if the show only has their fate trending downward, there's increasingly less reason to watch. Giving them hope is sensible. Plus, it allows them to blow up the premise for the third season in a row. Having him be a flawed source of backing just keeps things both interesting and plausible: we have a reasonable explanation for how he could amass resources beneath the notice of the RAPs/IGA due to his pre-invasion role in the invasion, and a plausible reason he might be working his own agenda to keep this from breaking too well in favor of our heroes (as you point out: how committed is he to freedom?).

They could've played this other ways, but this is a clever plot twist. Very efficient.

Interesting to see if the show gets up all in the politicals before ending/ being cancelled.

Right? I'd personally be interested in that. Unfortunately, this might be the last season. (Ratings took another hit.) :(
posted by mordax at 9:56 PM on July 20, 2018 [1 favorite]

Yeah, the twist did get me - especially in light of Scott and Alan's assertion of "that's how you get an insurrection!"

But yes, very economical.
posted by porpoise at 12:37 PM on July 21, 2018 [1 favorite]

I'm late to this after a busy weekend, but just wanted to say that we saw one of Broussard's blink-and-you'll-miss-it smiles this episode. It's the only time I see whatever convinced Katie and Amy to follow B's lead instead of running away, terrified.

His default look is such a glare, our house has now dubbed him Colon'Ye.

All that aside, I think that they are handling the twist very well. It could easily break down into "both sides do it and that's why humanity is ultimately doomed" if they're not careful with the finale, but I have faith in this show.

I honestly think it's improved since S1, and that's vanishingly rare amongst science fiction shows. And especially political ones!

Totally agree about Bram. As a kid who longed to liberate herself from chaotic and absent parents, his behavior reads 100% accurate for teen PTSD. Hypervigilance? Check. Manipulating strangers for self-protection? Check. Looking for exits in every room? Check. It only makes sense he's looking to make a new, temporarily safe place for himself and Gracie with someone well-established, like a Seattle security guard with low-level connections. It's beneficial to Will and Katie if they reappear and need Bram, so he has an out. If they're dead/gone forever, he has a jump-off point for something new for himself and Gracie. It's not the best plan, but it's HIS plan. Not Mom and Dad's.

Betraying or abandoning your parents around age 19 or 20 seems beyond normal to me. Hell, it might be the most normal thing left in this show!
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My husband just walked in as I was gushing with excitement over tonight's season finale.

SEASON finale, he says.

My face, brain and soul just fell 10 stories. I'm gutted!!!!!!!!
posted by Unicorn on the cob at 5:59 PM on July 25, 2018

Porpoise, I'll miss your recaps. Truly, you are a prince among men.
posted by Unicorn on the cob at 6:07 PM on July 25, 2018 [1 favorite]

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