Terrace House: Opening New Doors: Terrace House: Opening New Doors
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Six strangers share a house in snowy Karuizawa, Nagano, Japan in a reality show that's an exemplar of niceness and restraint.

I can't be the only one watching this ridiculous show... can I? I did see an old FanFare Talk post about how to structure discussion about it, and I'm not totally sure either, but I thought a full-season post about the current series (Part 3 was just released on July 31) might work. It's my first FanFare post, please be gentle :)
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Tsubasa and Shion forever! 😍😍😍
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Also, Terrace House is one of my most favorite shows ever, and I am ready to see Tsubasa's dad move in.
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It's impossible to watch this and not love Tsubasa and Shion, but I actually really loved how close Tsubasa and Ami became. I think (spoilerz) Tsubasa, Ami, and Seina were probably the most mismatched group of girls to ever be on Terrace House together and yet they all got along just grand. Also, Ryota Yamasato, you jerk, Ami is obviously PERFECTLY capable of forming close relationships with people OTHER THAN old-ass dudes who keep sniffing around even though she's CLEARLY told them she's not interested. (I can't stand Yamasato even though I agree with him at least 50 percent of the time, and I think Ami got totally shafted by the commentators this season)

I also loved Yuudai. Not in the sense that I'd ever want to hang out with him, but he was such an idiot and it was such good drama.
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For any superfans who are not aware: Terrace House has a Youtube channel where they post bonus scenes. They're not translated but some of them might be interesting even if you don't understand what they're saying.

WARNING before you click on the link! Because they're meant for viewers of Netflix Japan, the clips are several weeks ahead of us. There may be spoilers in the thumbnails so be sure to scroll down the moment you get to the page in order to get past the most recent weeks (but not too far, or you'll get into "Aloha State"). If you've seen all of "Opening New Doors" part 3 (the chunk that was just released internationally), that means you've seen up to week 24. Here's the Terrace House Youtube video page.

The ones that aren't numbered by week are member interviews.

A couple that can be watched without understanding Japanese:

- Shohei mixing an intro for Taka's radio show, enlisting the help of Shion (in English at around 3 minutes in); the female voice is Ami's. Apparently, Shohei does this kind of work sometimes for commercials, etc.
- Seina putting her makeup on Tsubasa (spoiler: Shion says it might look better if it were more suited to Tsubasa but, in any case, he prefers her without)
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I think Ami was the victim of a really bad edit. Once she and Tsubasa had the discussion about Ami leaving, I wanted nothing more than to see all the moments we missed between the two of them. Some of those could've easily replaced the numerous times Taka rehashed Ami's "if you were 5 years younger" comment.

I wasn't that keen on seeing more Seina, but she's grown on me. I did not at all like watching Shohei making a move on her.

I am not at all interested in Mayu's machinations, although I think it would've been a delightful trainwreck if she and Yuudai had been in the house at the same time. (I really hope Yuudai's ex has managed to evade him.)
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My house at the moment: “Yuuuudai! YUUUUUUDAAAAAI! WHY ARE YOU SUCH A TOOOOOL! ”
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Ooh thanks for the bonus scenes! I watch them from time to time when they come up on my YouTube recommendations - Shion says in his interview that he wasn't popular with the girls growing up, and Tsubasa says she'd like to find a boyfriend on Terrace House and when the interviewer asks what her type is she says "I guess an ikemen (hot guy), but I doubt that'll ever happen..." God they're so cute. (Also Taishi and Guy from Aloha State making carbonara together is kind of the best?)

I totally live for shit like that clip of Seina doing Tsu-chan's makeup lol. (Terrace House is also the majority of my Japanese practice these days and I learned 素っぴん "no makeup" from Ami's goodbye speech so it was nice to hear it in context again.) And I'm also weirdly obsessed with seeing the hafu members speak English or whatever their other parent's native language is so I enjoyed seeing Shion speak English.
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Ooh! I’d gotten kind of bored with Aloha State and hadn’t noticed that this one went up. I remedied that quick. :) Thanks for posting!

I’m so glad that there is a lot of Tsubasa love; she’s such a rarity on Terrace House, shy but guileless, and cozy in her bulky hoodies. Shion’s stock goes up for enjoying her company. One thing that is always unfortunate about the structure of the show is that the people who really want to improve themselves aren’t at the house much, because they’re actually doing the thing. Everyone left seems to be just waiting for a call. Tsubasa is working hard and we don’t see enough of her.

Yuudai is such a good example of believing someone when they tell you who they are. “I’m a puppy.” He has some goals but can’t seem to get past the sloppy enthusiasm stage.

Ami just reads as so young. I can’t tell if she thinks disaffected ennui is cool, or if she is too scared to say “No, I’m not interested in a date” and takes her annoyance out through self-sabotage. I want good things to happen for her but I think it will be slower than the time scale of the show.
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Of the Terrace House seasons available on Netflix - this was the best one.
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