Elementary: Through the Fog
August 10, 2018 9:28 AM - Season 6, Episode 14 - Subscribe

The 11th precinct is on lockdown because of a suspected bioterrorism attack. Watson has a difficult conversation with her mother.

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I really felt this was a well-crafted episode. Nice twisty mystery, and some great character beats for Sherlock and Joan.

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I really liked this episode. It's almost as if the past few eps being made with the possibility of an early cancellation looming over the writing team had them in a funk and this is the first ep after the cloud lifted.

It wasn't a snooze, that's for sure!

If I'm going to harp on anything (as loathe as I am to, how could I resist?) it's the premise. What team of pre-criminals decides to pull a fast one at Major Crimes, let alone the MCD Sherlock, Joan, and Marcus work for? They even had an inside conspirator, it's not like they could plead ignorance about the team they're going up against. The last character who brought it straight to Captain Gregson's precinct was having a psychotic break, a fine excuse. These criminals? No such excuse.

Sherlock and Joan were on point at the cartel's place. Good to see him in such form and no longer suffering the effects of his head traumas. It wasn't a goofy disguise, but a tense battle of wits with a violent criminal is a solid show from the detectives. Let's have one or two more eps of the team firing on all cylinders before the serial killer addict returns and monkeys up the whole affair.
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Is this the first episode of this series without a death/corpse in it?
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