Chapo Trap House: Episode 240 - The Shittalk Express (8/27/18)
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All Aboard! The full crew is on the show today and they remind us of some of the lesser hits of the terrible life and career of John McCain.

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I never actually heard the "Bomb Bomb Iran" bit out loud before, really disturbing how into the idea of bombing other countries he is even after doing it first-hand.

Quote of the episode to Matt: "They think that eventually, the mass of people will see the one side being so awful, and so, so partisan and so small-minded, and they'll see the other side being always so reasonable and always willing to extend a hand and be like 'yes, you will be rewarded.'"
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The liberal impulse to try succeeding at playing the knee-jerk jingoistic patriotism game, to out-Rah-Rah-America the Right, is such a fool's game. They can't see that it doesn't matter how much they respect the troops or complain about the flag, revanchists sucking up Right-wing hatemongering--which are the broad conservative base--won't hear any of it. You can't "by your logic" these people and trick them into changing their minds because their positions are crafted in opposition to whatever Liberals believe. Instead of moving the Overton Window to the left by making a moral argument against Right positions, they end up ceding the ground and squabbling over irrelevant procedural moves and the appearance of respect.
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Also, this kind of performative liberal outrage over Right-Wing attacks on war hawks just normalizes and reinforces the creepy fash-lite cult of military worship and brings us closer to a Starship Troopers world of "service guarantees citizenship" and the Like Sparta, But With Instagram hellscape we're already barreling towards.
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so I don't listen to Chapo, I browse the subreddit (I see you love my work, thnx!) and I've started listening to Pod Damn America, which starts with clips of Rev. Wright's (in)famous speech, and I'm like "where is the lie?"

And then I was listening to Jon Favreau's "The Wilderness," which .... uh..... it is. And he talks about having to react to the news about Rev. Wright, and plays THE SAME clips from his speech, in order to talk about how Obama rose above, and I realize that ... he doesn't get it.

He can't get it.

Anyway, you all should listen to the OFFICIAL podcast of the Chapo subreddit, Citations Needed with Nima Shirazi and Adam Johnson
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This episode was wonderful. The point-by-point take down of the myth of John McCain, and shitting all over the media's glowing reaction to his death. Chapo is at its best when they are angry.
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It’s really too bad it’s behind a pay wall, because the most recent episode about the heart couch guys is a brilliant look into modern maleness
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This episode was a) really cathartic and b) really useful in helping explain to my mother (an otherwise sensible democrat) why McCain doesn't deserve any respect.
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