The Adventure Zone: Amnesty - Episode 15
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The Pine Guard meet the voice on the other end of the prophetic phone calls, and receive a new, even more dire warning of impending disaster. Duck makes some friends in the forest. Aubrey eyes some eyeglasses. Ned hits the brakes.
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Let's pour one out today for Ned's poor, underutilized car.

Let's also just sit back and wait for the avalanche of Muffy and Winthrop fanfiction!
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Winfy? Muffthrop? Winmuff? I dunno. These all sound kinda wrong; like words Steve Ballmer would have wanted trademarked.

I think it's interesting that this is the second character that Justin has created that has a backdoor for him to be sociopathic/narcissistic/amoral (and the other character was just evil, of course). I think he's wise: he knows that a lot of what people love about Taako is his capacity to be a dick when it suits him, but also learned that his character needs to be lovable as well as funny. So the decision to have Beacon or Kardala as a secondary character to slip into when it suits the story/goof makes sense to me.
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Also, I think that the car was, arguably, wrongly destroyed! Clint said he rolled an 8 on his first Act Under Pressure roll, and added +1 for Cool. But he did not, as far as I could tell, remember the +1 for his driving ability. So the first roll should have been a 10, a complete success. But anyway...
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So is the abomination the Billy Goats Gruff, or are they here to fight the troll?
posted by Scattercat at 11:10 AM on September 10, 2018

I think they’re probably gonna be okay with the dead car because it’s narratively more interesting and that’s about it overall
posted by DoctorFedora at 8:28 PM on September 10, 2018

Well, yes. I should note it wasn't a complaint.

I start to become worried that the structure of online conversation in 2018 is such that comment and conversation about almost any topic can reasonably (given the broader context of constant complaint) be interpreted as criticism and complaint. It does make me wonder if any of it is actually worth the candle.
posted by howfar at 4:21 AM on September 11, 2018

I think that's a fair point, howfar, because there have been other shows that I have dropped out of discussing because my comments - which have been intended as a critique from someone who loves the media being discussed - are being interpreted as being complaints from someone who is hating on the particular show. In fact, I'm quite sure some of my comments in other threads about TAZ have come across that way, which isn't what I want. I engage with this stuff because I enjoy it, I don't have time to hate-consume anything. I think it may also be because there is a huge amount of commentary about media all over the internet that is focused on nitpicking, finding "plotholes", and explaining everything that was wrong, so we've all come to a place where we expect that as the default...I could go on about this, and I'll just shut up, because it is a derail from TAZ and more my rambling musings on where we are with our consumption of our pop culture.

Anyways, I've caught up on TAZ after taking a bit of a break from it for a while, and I really enjoyed this episode. One of the things I like about "Amnesty" is that the stakes aren't huge (I can see seeds being laid that will eventually get the stakes to be quite large, but right now they aren't) - they suit the characters, who struggle to get things done. And it's the struggles that make the story fun; they characters aren't omnipotent, and watching what happens when they fail a roll is (for me) as interesting, if not moreso, than when they have success. And the last two episodes have had a lot of moments of failure, which has forced some great improv and consequences.

Justin is knocking it out of the park with how he is playing Duck, as well as Beacon, and I loved how Griffin worked in the ongoing verbal tics as how the NPCs know Duck is spinning a lie. "a body of the, uh, tree zone - forest - fuck!..."
posted by nubs at 2:00 PM on September 12, 2018

Duck being an awful liar will never, ever get old
posted by Berreggnog at 4:05 AM on September 17, 2018

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