The Adventure Zone: Live In Atlanta!
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We're running behind on the next episode of Amnesty, so in it's stead, here's our most recent live show from Atlanta, GA! Follow Tres Horny Boys and their inscrutable companion on a journey across the planes as they learn the horrible history of one of their iconic armaments.
posted by Tevin (4 comments total)
This was a good show! I'm afraid Gregacus is going to steal the show, but the bit with the fire elemental near the beginning was pure comedy gold.
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 11:17 AM on September 21, 2018

I would have liked to see Magnus have to choose at the end. Keep the weapon or take a husband from his wife.
Given his backstory, that should have been a harder choice.
posted by Just this guy, y'know at 3:16 PM on September 21, 2018

Yeah I was really hoping for that too, honestly. It seemed perfectly set up to guilt Magnus into giving up the sword, but they didn't commit. I wonder if that was Griffin's intention all along, or if he envisioned a version of the story where the sword doesn't choose to stay with Magnus?

Honestly I don't care if he has the sword or not, they're all so rediculously powerful and they play so fast and loose with DnD that there haven't been stakes for the balance arc since oh, the Suffering Game. Can you imagine a live show where someone dies? The live shows are omake, nothing important should ever happen in them, they're just for fun. And as they demonstrated, they also have their planar-level celebrity on top of it.
posted by Mr.Encyclopedia at 7:47 PM on September 21, 2018 [1 favorite]

I thought they dropped the sword in the ocean and lost it at the sf live show so the fact that they got to keep the sword after all of this was really surprising.
posted by bleep at 11:53 PM on September 22, 2018

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