Inside Llewyn Davis (2013)
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A week in the life of a young singer as he navigates the Greenwich Village folk scene of 1961.

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some pro
Moving, funny (but not frivolous; the characters never turn into cartoons), brilliant, it's a rib-sticking movie that represents a new high for its creators. Roger Ebert dot com

Inside Llewyn Davis is a transporting cinematic experience with a churl at its center, and how you feel about the movie may depend on how you feel about the churl. The Boston Globe
some con
Inside Llewyn Davis feels to me like a picture in which the brothers never got in such a hole they had to find a way of believing in their own material. It has a shrugging, routine moodiness. It never bites in the way, in No Country for Old Men, Bardem’s Chigurh is a match for the devil and Tommy Lee Jones becomes the spirit of every disenchanted lawman in American cinema. The Coens [however] are master storytellers even when they are doing junk. The New Republic

Having put this human exasperation at the center of the story (the other characters are mere satellites with a few scenes each), the Coens constructed an episodic format that is as loose as, say, Jack Kerouac’s Beat novel On the Road, and which depends utterly on the distinctiveness of the eccentrics who people each episode. Time
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Tyler Durdencat ! This is a great set of links, thank you.
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The thing I find the most intriguing about this movie is how Llewyn starts off looking (to me) so very attractive and then as things head further and further south for him and you get a picture of who he is, his appeal starts to decline; he's still gorgeous but it's tinged with rot, somehow.

Amazing music and performances. One of my favourite Coen brother movies.
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I really enjoyed this. It was funny. I wouldn't go as far as to say it had compassion for the characters, but it had a sort of fondness for everyone. The music (both the good and the intentionally mediocre) was perfect. I had a feeling of being there, which was super fun. I don't think it had something especially important to say, but it was a really entertaining watch and was effective at what it did.
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Yeah the links in this post are great. I forgot how terrible/funny the Please Mister Kennedy bit was.
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I loved how the Gorfein's, how warm and understanding they were. Even after he freaks out they're still happy to see him and welcoming.
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