Chapo Trap House: Episode 244 - A Nice Chill Show (9/11/18)
September 11, 2018 7:00 AM - Subscribe

Here's a nice, relaxed episode of your favorite podcasters just hanging out and having a nice time. Felix and Will show up later to join the show. We're in between legs of the tour and saving our best material for the stage so, for anyone who has wondered, this is what it's like in the car between shows. It's Chapo Town.

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Bonus: Virgil interviews Cynthia Nixon

It was nice to hear more from Chris this episode, he's a good stand-in for Brendan as the facie from someone who's brain hasn't been broken by the being online the way each of the hosts has.

Also I love the idea of Virgil designing an indie puzzle game. If his Call of Cthulhu scenarios are anything to go by it would be pretty engaging.
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I'm just here to plug Ashes Ashes
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