Sleepy Hollow: And the Abyss Gazes Back
October 27, 2014 7:25 PM - Season 2, Episode 6 - Subscribe

Daddy issues, the Piper's pipe reappears (sort of), a wendigo with PTSD, and a virtuoso display of 18th century curse words.
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I'm really irritated that TPTB decided that what the show really needed was more white guys. A major reason this show is so refreshing is that (until this season, I guess) it wasn't all white guys all the time like most other shows in the scifi/fantasy/horror genre, but with the addition of Nick Hawley and Joe Corbin I don't think the show is even majority-POC anymore. :(
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In other news, I could watch Ichabod play video games all day long and be entertained.
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with the addition of Nick Hawley and Joe Corbin I don't think the show is even majority-POC anymore.

I don't think Joe Corbin is going to hang around and be a regular - when he said he wanted to carry on the fight, he followed that up with asking for a recommendation to Quantico (which Abbey said she'd be happy to write and I imagine will get him accepted). Just a guest star, I expect. And Hawley was a little bit less omnipresent this episode, with a little more of the screen time he'd been hogging getting given to Jenny and Irving.
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I wish it was reversed - Corbin would be the new regular and Hawley the guest. Everything that Hawley does (introduces people to Magical Macguffin, asks questions for the audience) could be handled by a mix of Corbin and Jenny.
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I agree a thousand percent. I'd much rather have Corbin, jr (and I kinda loved his little sheepish wave to Jenny) hanging around and Hawley be the intermittent guest star, if we had to pick one or the other. Hawley's purpose and Jenny's purpose are duplicated and Jenny's not only more interesting but she's Abby's sister on top of the gunslinging and artifact-obtaining, so you get an extra layer of character building on top of any necessary plot movement.

I was more interested in this ep than I have been in some of the more recent ones, but I don't know about some of this. And I guess we're going to now have Katrina as an active, if possessed, antagonist now?
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Corbin Jr. would be an improvement over Hawley. If my wishes could change reality then Hawley would be pushed into the background, Corbin Jr. would become a regular cast member along with Big Ash and his gang and Caroline would be miraculously bought back from the dead in a non-evil way. Also Jenny would be in every episode.

Loved the Yoga open. I really like how they open the show with these intense conversations that are revealed to be fairly mundane (driving a car, yoga, etc.) It always amuses me.
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Not a big fan of Hawley, but I don't hate him. Hawley is equipped to be either a friend or foe depending on the situation and I don't get that from Corbin so Hawley is more flexible in that regard. One thing I'm wondering is if they're going to try using Hawley and Jenny to create some B-story adventures with just the two of them instead of having everything directly related to Crane and Abbie. However, even though Hawley is in a lot of episodes he wasn't actually added to the main cast and there's like 12 episodes to go; his arc could go anywhere. As for Corbin, I'm sure there's going to be a "I just got back from some FBI training now look what I can do!" episode eventually.

I like how the two horsemen aren't 100% behind Moloch and don't always support one another. Ol' Headless won't appreciate Katrina being possessed because of Henry, that's for sure. Everyone's trying to drive wedges between everyone else it seems. Irving is either heading being stopped just in time from doing something bad, or he'll go all-in and enact those visions he's been having.
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I just don't see the point of Hawley, except to be the middle of a Mills sister love triangle down the line (no thanks). Unless he turns out to be in league with Henry or something, I just don't get why he's suddenly wedged in when, as others have said, Jenny could easily and better fill that function.
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This was an okay episode. More Jenny and Irving and less Hawley was good. Corbin Jr. can be an occasional and take up some Hawley space. But my primary takeaway from this episode was that I wish the show handled Native Americans better and that they showed up in some way that didn't have to do with shamanism and general Magical Indianism.
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I did like Crane getting pissed about getting fragged while playing some zombie rabbit game.
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Crane's hair in the yoga scene was dreamy.

I felt like the writers did a better job with the Native American characters this time than they did last season with the Sandman demon. The Shawnee guys in this episode were actually known to have some experience with the supernatural via Hawley, so it seemed plausible (so to speak) that they'd have some secret Wendigo lore, it didn't feel as shoehorned & creepily racist as the Sandman episode.
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Any NYC mefites - there's a Sleepy Hollow Fox promo thing happening at the Union Square Farmer's Market now. They've got some guys dressed as Crane & Headless, giving out free mini-pumpkins.
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I'm pretty sure Katrina's not possessed; I'm betting she's pregnant. Because after she wakes up, she puts her hand on her belly in that classic move.
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We now have had two television shows that have addressed wendigos. One was located in the west on Supernatural and now, Sleepy Hollow, in East. They sure get around!

I enjoyed the episode and I thought the seeking out of knowledge from nearby Indian tribe members was definitely handled better than the last time. It also made me intensely curious to know the full story of Squire Boone (in the Sleepy Hollow universe). As a student of history, one just has to grin their way through the incredibly inventive histories the writers concoct for the show, mixing truth with fiction, and presenting them through our earnest hero Ichabod.

The introduction of the former sheriff's son was a nice touch, especially how our Horseman of War used the bone powder from the previous episode to curse him as a means to convince him to bring him the next ingredient in his plan to bring about the end of days. I think parental issues will reign supreme so long as John remains the chief villain of this season, which has effectively sidelined the horseman. John chose a fellow son who felt his father did not love him, had abandoned him for another, and when Corbin requested the cure from Wendigo, he was told that being human was the weakness. Basically, it indicated that John may have turned evil because of the feelings he experienced as human, as someone who feels, because people who feel hurt when they're abandoned by their parents. In a weird way, you could argue that John really meant what he said to Corbin, rather than be portrayed as just a villain going back on his word.

I'm really hating this storyline idea of having Crawley fall for Abbie, while Jenny still has feelings for him. It's a stinking setup for a payoff later in the season when John will obviously try and play off Jenny's anger over Abby being Crawley's center of affections, and once again, divide the sisters. The sisters are awesome when they're a unit, not when they're mad at each other. Please stop with the manufactured drama. My best hope is that it's one big con on the behalf of the writers to make us think what I just laid out will happen and then refreshingly move the opposite direction.

I also agree with the perspective that Katrina is now pregnant, which will add to Ichabod's rising level of distrust of her - obviously she would have to be unfaithful to him to be pregnant, no? It plays into John's efforts to divide his parents, be it exposing the death of Mary from the last episode to creating further illusions of betrayal. Then when Ichabod painfully turns away from her, she will then give herself up to the Horseman, and boom, Maloch(sp?) gets his whatever she's supposed to be. Naturally, whatever will grow inside of her will be some horrible, demonic thing. Hurray Rosemary's Katrina's baby!
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I love how Abby is usually the one saving Crane. I also love her facial expressions. She's just so present all the time, and there's a little subtext dialogue going on with the audience and I just adore it. I like Irving's storyline and I love that he still maintains his character. He isn't going overboard within the constraints of his time, and he also isn't just mailing it in either. I could really do without Hawley, and if he decided to step away for a month or three, I'd love it. At least at the very moment I was asking if I could have Jenny instead of him, she appeared on screen.
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