Serial: S03 Episode 01: A Bar Fight Walks into the Justice Center
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A young woman at a bar is slapped on the butt. So why's she the one in jail?

The third season of Serial will be a year in the life of the entire Cleveland justice system. The first episode brings us a single case from beginning through aftermath.
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If this episode is the example of the system "working", then I have a feeling the rest of season is going to be FLAMES ON THE SIDE OF MY FACE.
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Hmm, my feed skipped this episode, and I got, "You've Got Some Gauls" instead. Flames on the side of my face is still my reaction though.
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"Fourth degree use of the passive voice"

Also, how the hell did the words "sexual assault" never drop in the discussion of a case where a woman had her ass slapped seven times after telling the guy to stop?
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I know what Sarah means by "this is bad," but at the same time at least she doesn't have a felony on her record and I thought that was guaranteed to happen by the end of this episode, the way things were going.

So, this is better than season 2 at least!
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dnash - good point about the sexual assault. I wonder if that was a deliberate word choice.

What do you guys think about the remixed theme music? I think it's too peppy and it is throwing me off.
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Maybe I'm jaded af (and it is surprisingly refreshing to hear from a dew-eyed bystander who clearly hasn't experienced much of the criminal justice system), but the outcome seemed fair to me. Sucks that she got it it day of trial, but punching a cop in the face pretty much is a disorderly conduct. Even if she had a self defense claim as to the sexual assaulter, it very likely wouldn't transfer to the responding officer, and getting a disorderly at trial would absolutely be a win.

You'd be hard pressed to ever find anyone guilty of assault if you were going based only on folks who were not provoked, and the legislatures know that and don't draft the statues that way. In order to not intend it, you generally have to be unconscious or having a seizure; doing it by in the heat of the moment is still usually enough for intent.
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Also as a quick follow-up, the far more usual outcome in this type of scenario is the person never gets out of jail pretrial bc they can't afford bond, so eventually they plea out to a misdemeanor assault (w probation and even more fines) and call it a win.
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