Fear the Walking Dead: ... I Lose Myself
October 7, 2018 4:31 PM - Season 4, Episode 16 - Subscribe

Morgan struggles to find the strength to help friends in dire need before it's too late.

I guess the effects budget for the season finale wasn't quite up to making the tanker of ethanol explode, so instead the giant tanker somehow lost all of its life-saving ethanol thanks to a few bullet holes. Someone should have brought some sort of container out with them when they staggered out to get the ethanol.

I'm not sure that the hurricane and Martha were an entirely compelling set of villains. But now the cast has largely been rebooted and they've called their shot on how the next season will start, at least, with Mo-Mo and the New Crew taking over Polar Bear's operation and going to save the people that Al previously interviewed.
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I really liked this season! Judging by the lack of comments, I think I might be the only one here who did. ;)
posted by tobascodagama at 11:16 AM on August 16, 2019

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