The Flash: Nora
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I was really happy with this episode. My expectations were very low after the sucksville that was season 4, but, this was genuinely funny. I guess they're going to drag out the 'Nora and Barry keep Barry's mysterious disappearance secret from Iris' because Grodd forbid we have a season free from Barry angsting away over something, but overall, this was a promising beginning.
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My reaction was more tempered - I have decided to give the season a try because I like Nora quite a bit, but I was disappointed by:

* Barry's talk about family moments with Iris. I almost put the episode down and gave up when he started talking about his poor feelings while his daughter was unstuck in time. I'm glad he got past it by the end of the episode because uuuurrrgh.

* The running gag where Ralph had no idea about anything that happened ever. It's not as bad as him being creepy last season, but I don't really need 'Ralph Dibney, guy who doesn't listen to anybody' either. (I'm hoping that gag was also premiere-only, given how they seemed to put a bow on it at the end of the episode.)

* Cringed at the use of 'schway,' one of the very few things that annoyed me in Batman: Beyond. (I'm with Old Bruce Wayne: it's schwarbage.)

That said... as I mentioned, Nora's great. And it's a testament to how good Legends is that I was really unhappy to see the new, post-Legends Wally leave.

Here's hoping this stays light.
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A good premiere! I enjoyed it. Although based on past experience the show tends to end up disappointing me.

Also, I'm glad the new villain killed Gridlock right off. He seemed like a villain that the writers would make an annoyance out of for me, with that kind of power, would take away from the overall plot.
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So we not only get the terrible Batman Beyond future slang, but we get reference to Ryan Choi, who popped up as Atom (III) in the same Batman Beyond universe. So I guess that's supposed to be a strong indicator of the way the future is supposed to evolve. Speaking of Choi, I'm old school enough to love the suit in the ring, but I'm not at all fussy on the new design of the suit. It especially pales in comparison to the past suits we got to see this episode.

I never really felt that Wally hit his stride until he was on Legends. Now, I'm sorry that he won't be a regular in the Arrowverse (at least I don't think he's going to back back on Legends in on ongoing capacity this season).

I was getting really annoyed by idiot Ralph, so I echo mordax that I hope the writers have done away with that interpretation now that they've introduced any potential new viewers to the way time travel works in the Flash. Comics Ralph was a pretty good mystery-sniffing detective, and I think Team Flash would benefit by having somebody with those skills (Joe notwithstanding).

Nora seems like a character with enough angles and aspects that the writers should be able to do some interesting things with her as she develops or rekindles relationships with her family and extended family.

I'm happy they haven't completely nixed Cecile's powers yet, even if cause poor Joe to have to escape to the quiet of the lounge. I did think that bit was stupid about most of the team not knowing the lounge was there. It would be one thing to say they hadn't been making use of it yet (in the way they would in the future), but to say they didn't know about it is really dumb.

Would it have been too much for the villain at the end not to have used a flash lightning bolt as a calling card? Can't we just have one bad guy who is bad for reasons that are unrelated to Barry and the speedsters?
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I might have to rewatch, but I think only one of them (might be Cisco) said they didn't know about the lounge. But it's pretty great that Joe had his own little space in Star Labs this entire time.
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I like Nora (boy, does she look like a cross between those two and is a daddy's girl), but I feel sad for her that she's clearly estranged somehow from Future Iris. I'm guessing Future Iris isn't cool with her XS career after losing Barry.

Ralph, where ya been to have not noticed any of this shit? Some of it had to have gone on when you weren't dead.

I am also sad that the actor playing Wally wants to quit the shows, his character really took off (har) on Legends in a way it couldn't here.
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Was Nora jumping back and forth in time last season or had she been visiting the past the whole time from the wedding to the finale?

I suspect Nora somehow blames Iris for Barry's disappearance, but during this season she will learn how much Iris loves him and how she would do anything to save and protect him.
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